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Selection and use of small water pumps

in recent years, the social ownership of agricultural water pumps in China has increased significantly, especially the small agricultural water pumps represented by submersible shaped shaft pumps and self-priming pumps, which are favored by the majority of users because of their low price and easy operation. However, due to the large number of small water pump manufacturers and uneven technical strength, the product quality is very different. Coupled with factors such as improper operation and use, many users have new troubles, and even a lot of economic losses. According to statistics, at present, half of the annual production of agricultural water pumps in China is used to replace scrap products. Therefore, how to choose a durable and satisfactory pump and how to prolong the service life of the pump have become the issues of great concern to the majority of users

first, choose standardized water pump

1. What is standardized water pump

standardized water pump is the latest model of water pump formulated and implemented by the country according to the requirements of ISO. Its main characteristics are small size, light weight, excellent performance, easy operation, long service life, low energy consumption. It represents the latest trend of the current water pump industry

2. How to choose the water pump

when users choose the water pump to compare the segregation of inclusions, it is best to go to the sales point recognized by the agricultural machinery department, and we must recognize the manufacturer. It is suggested that priority should be given to the purchase of water filled submersible pumps, and the brand and product quality certificate should be clearly seen. Never buy "three noes" (i.e. no manufacturer, no production date, no production license) products, otherwise there will be problems, and users will be helpless

3. What brand of water pump is good

as a user, due to the limitations of professional knowledge, it is difficult to make a decision. The best way is to consult experts in water pumps. If there is no one to consult, you might as well consult some old pump users, especially those who are close to their own use conditions. It is a wise choice to buy products that are reliable, reliable and mature. At the same time, single-phase pump or three-phase pump shall be used according to the local power supply

II. Select the pump that meets the lift requirements

1. Select the pump lift

the so-called lift refers to the required lift, not the lifting height. It is important to clarify this point for selecting the pump, especially for the abnormal displacement of the material tensile testing machine. There are three steps: the protection process can also be completed according to these steps. The pump lift is about 1.15 ~ 1.20 times of the lifting height. For example, if the vertical height from a water source to the water consumption place is 20 meters, the required lift is about 23 ~ 24 meters. When selecting a water pump, it is better to make the head on the nameplate of the water pump close to the required head. In this case, the efficiency of the water pump is the highest and the use will be more economical. However, it is not necessarily required to be absolutely equal. Generally, as long as the deviation does not exceed 20%, the water pump can work under the condition of relatively energy saving

2. How big is the nameplate lift?

choosing a pump with a lift far less than the required lift on the nameplate will often not meet the wishes of users. Even if you can pump water, the water volume will be pitifully small, and even become a useless "idle pump". Is the higher the pump head, the better? Actually, it's not. If the pump with high head is used for low head, the flow will be too large, resulting in motor overload. If it runs for a long time, the motor temperature will rise, and the winding insulation will gradually age, or even burn the motor

III. Choose a pump with appropriate flow

the flow of the pump, that is, the water output, should not be too large, otherwise, the cost of purchasing the pump will be increased. Specific problems should be analyzed. For example, the flow of self-priming water pump for users' own draught should be smaller as far as possible; For example, the submersible pump used by users for irrigation can be appropriately selected with larger flow

IV. several problems that should be paid attention to in use

it is very difficult to correctly master tissue regeneration, implant compatibility and implant manufacturing. The method of use is an important factor to prolong the service life of the pump and reduce economic losses

before starting, make some necessary checks: whether the rotation of the pump shaft is normal and whether it is stuck; Whether the position of the impeller is normal; Check whether the cable wires and cable plugs are broken, scratched and broken. During operation, pay attention to the change of voltage, which is generally controlled within ± 5% of the rated voltage. In addition, the position of the pump in the water is very important. It should be selected in a place with sufficient water volume, no sludge and good water quality as far as possible. It should be suspended vertically in the water, and it is not allowed to be placed horizontally, so as to avoid falling into the mud or being blocked by suspended solids at the inlet of the pump, resulting in a sharp reduction in the water output or even unable to pump water

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