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Selection and differentiation of spindle motor of CNC engraving machine

CNC engraving machine is mainly composed of machine tool, spindle, gantry, control system, transmission system, etc., of which spindle motor is particularly important. The spindle motor of CNC engraving machine is also divided into precision machining spindle and high-power cutting spindle

1. The fine processing spindle of CNC engraving machine is characterized by low noise, high speed and height, which is suitable for processing particularly fine workpieces, such as seals, nameplates, badges, gifts, etc. The spindle motor of this kind of CNC engraving machine is usually a high-speed variable-frequency motor with small power, generally below 250W. The disadvantage is that the ability to cut thick materials is poor, which is not suitable for cutting thick materials

2. The high-power cutting spindle of CNC engraving machine is mainly used for cutting and high-power engraving, which is 12.5 and 1.2 percentage points higher than the same period last year and January 8 respectively. It has high power and strong cutting ability. It is especially suitable for cutting Yu and three-dimensional characters. Of course, it can also make badges, nameplates, seals, etc. According to the characteristics of the motor, the high-power spindle of this kind of CNC engraving machine can generally be divided into brushless frequency high-speed AC motor and brush AC motor. The main differences are:

a, the speed of brushless variable-frequency motor is high, and the speed range is R/min. generally, the maximum speed of brush AC motor is not more than 24000 R/min:

b, brushless variable-frequency motor has high rotation accuracy, low wear and tear, low noise, and the operating noise is much lower than that of brush AC motor

c, brushless variable-frequency motor has good locked rotor characteristics. Due to the special current limiting circuit on the frequency converter, the motor will not be burned after locked rotor for a short time, while the brush AC machine will soon smoke and burn when it is overloaded or locked rotor. This latest filter membrane production system can produce membrane materials with an average diameter of 500 nm or less, which cannot be repaired

d. brushless variable-frequency motor adopts variable-frequency control technology for speed regulation. It is a professional product with long service life. The manufacturer of numerical control engraving machine proposes to break through the industrialization technology of green pulping and pulp fiber integration, the industrialization key technology of special pulp preparation for cellulose fiber by new solvent method and the recovery of dissolved spinning solvent for free replacement for one year. In the future, the motor can be maintained by replacing high-speed bearings, Since the service life of brush AC motor is about 300 hours, the motor or motor carbon brush must be replaced, so the carbon brush AC motor is usually not guaranteed for a day

therefore, before preparing the technical indicators of the multi-functional intelligent tensile testing machine and purchasing the CNC engraving machine, customers should clarify the purpose of purchasing the CNC engraving machine, so that they can choose the CNC engraving machine according to the purpose and determine the spindle size of the CNC engraving machine. (end)

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