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The rapid development of China's economy has driven the prosperity of the infrastructure industry. However, the natural stone materials are constantly decreasing, and the stone materials have regional differences, which is not suitable for long-distance transportation, resulting in the rapid development of artificial sand machine, sand and stone production line, stone production line and other related industry equipment

as an important drying equipment in the stone production line, the stone dryer has the following obvious characteristics: large production capacity and continuous operation; Simple structure, less faults, convenient operation, low maintenance cost and stable operation; It has a wide range of application and large flexibility of operation. In production, it allows large fluctuations in product output without affecting product quality. The following problems should be recognized when choosing a stone dryer: 1 The model and design of the dryer should be combined with their actual production situation to avoid waste and production tension. 2. For the after-sales service of the dryer, it is best to choose a company with reputable products and good market service. 3. The material source of the dryer and the quality of the raw materials of the dryer directly affect the quality of this product. If the selected steel is of poor quality, no matter how good the timely processing technology is, and no matter how high the technology is, the finished product is difficult to reach a high level

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