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The overall operation of raw materials is weak, unable to support the acrylic resin Market

the trading atmosphere in the acrylic resin market is depressed, and the transaction focus in the mainstream regions is basically the same as last week. Affected by weather factors, the downstream demand receiving volume is very small, and only sporadic actual orders are mainly traded; The main raw materials operate weakly as a whole, but the downward speed is slow, which has not yet produced a significant pull-down force on the resin market. In addition, there is no market in the off-season demand, and the manufacturer's price adjustment intention is not strong in the near future. It is expected that the acrylic resin market will continue to be light and stable in the short term. Under the atmosphere of the Spring Festival holiday, there are many small orders and many goods

the acrylic resin in Shandong is light and stable, among which the barrel packaging negotiation of thermosetting acrylic resin is at yuan/ton (solid content 60), the barrel packaging negotiation of thermoplastic resin is at yuan/ton (solid content 50), and the quotation of a small number of manufacturers is low, around 13500 yuan/ton. The manufacturers' aftermarket expectations are cautious, and the devices are operated under load, and the orders are issued according to the market

upstream raw materials remain low and have little support for market prices. Acrylic acid and ester: the spot supply in East China market is relatively loose, the downstream demand is weak, and the buyer's purchase intention is low. After the operation process, it is necessary to strictly comply with the operating specifications to fulfill the sales of distributors and slow down in the case of the need to provide more stable water quality in the utilization of pressure type, submerged ultrafiltration or membrane bioreactor (MBR). The price is stable and has fallen. The price of butyl acrylate in the primary market is 15000 ~ 15100 yuan; The high-end transaction in the South China market is difficult, the downstream industry is under construction, the end user is cautious about receiving goods, the confidence of dealers is declining, and the main characteristics of high-end price reduction are 1 Small size, the primary market price is 15000 ~ 15100 yuan; The stock of goods in North China market is sufficient, traders operate passively, active negotiations are scarce, dealers' high-end shipments are poor, and the price is gradually reduced. The price in the primary market is 15000 ~ 15100 yuan

xylene: the international crude oil futures market continues to decline. Affected by the approaching Spring Festival, businesses are not enthusiastic about negotiation, and arbitrage is gradually increasing. It is expected that the East China benzene market will continue to be weak consolidation, and the actual transaction price may continue to fall by yuan/ton. The opening atmosphere of xylene market in Jiangsu was light, and the mentality of shippers was confused, so the shipment by order was temporarily deadlocked and stabilized. However, the on-site gas buying is not high, and the quality of the supply is uneven. The reference quotation of solvent xylene in the morning is RMB/ton; The user can also easily add, delete or modify an experimental standard around 8900 yuan/ton for the reference quotation of isomeric xylene loose orders. The solid offer can be stored in a narrow negotiation space and wait-and-see

styrene: the Qilu styrene market is flat at yuan/ton, the local supply is sufficient, and the surrounding downstream manufacturers purchase as needed, and the market transaction is flat. Many EPS manufacturers around are parking

acrylic acid: Recently, the price of acrylic acid in Jiangsu remained at yuan/ton. At present, the market price of acrylic acid is a little chaotic, and traders are cautious in trading, and there is a strong wait-and-see atmosphere. Acrylic acid is expected to continue to decline in the aftermarket

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