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The market competition of recycled materials is fierce. Plastic dehydrator manufacturers seek development

with the increasingly fierce market competition of plastic recycled materials, recycled plastic manufacturers have higher and higher requirements for the quality and performance of plastic dehydrators, and the market competition is also increasingly fierce. At the same time, due to the continuous application of new technologies and new processes, the number of plastic machines imported into China in recent years is also rapidly promoting the listing of various new dehydrators. The plastic "11.15" catastrophic fire in Shanghai and the fire in the CCTV new site distribution building now produced by some manufacturers are largely related to improper construction, and the dehydrators are not able to meet the needs of customers. The backwardness in the design and quality of dehydrators directly restricts the survival and development of dehydrator enterprises

in order to adapt to the current situation, plastic dehydrator manufacturers need to appropriately introduce some more advanced mechanical design concepts at home and abroad, so as to improve the enterprise design level and provide customers with better dehydrator products. At the same time, plastic dehydrator manufacturers should scientifically formulate the development plan and sales plan of mechanical equipment according to the needs of their own enterprise development. The sample will only bear the pull of up and down directions, correctly predict the market prospect of newly developed dehydrator equipment, and provide customers with better and more practical dehydrators

at present, some plastic dehydrator manufacturers blindly pursue the low price of equipment, and it is not advisable to rely on the temptation of low price to develop the plastic dehydrator market. The blind purchase of some cheap equipment not only brings losses to the plastic cleaning enterprises, but also destroys the reputation of the plastic dehydrator manufacturers, causing customers to doubt and lose trust in the manufacturers. For plastic dehydrator manufacturers, these losses are greater than those of dehydrator customers. Therefore, the manufacturer of the dehydrator should constantly improve the production process and improve the productivity with science and technology. Only when the productivity is increased can the price of the equipment be reduced

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