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Raw material boosts polycarbonate "rising tide"

raw material bisphenol A boosts polycarbonate and partially lifts rising tide. It is reported that the market atmosphere of bisphenol a raw materials, internal and external disks, and chemicals has improved significantly recently. The market is cautious and optimistic, and the quotation is rising. The quotation of domestic mainstream manufacturers has been increased twice, with a cumulative range of 400 yuan/ton. The main driving sentiment on the site is high, with an increase of 300 ~ 400 yuan/ton, and the mainstream quotation in East China is 12500 yuan/ton

boosted by this, the main downstream epoxy resin of bisphenol A is tentatively developed towards higher, faster and more intelligent technology. Driven by optimism, polycarbonate is in short supply in South China, and the speculation mood on the floor once increased. The rise of Qimei, Bayer and Hushi is obvious. The main reason is that the quotation pushed up 200 ~ -400 yuan/ton, and other products chased higher and carefully consolidated. Some rose sharply, downstream inquiries increased, mainly to explore the direction, the volume of firm offers needs to be consolidated, businesses are bearish on short-term market demand, there are concerns about the impact of future arrival, and the single raw material support foundation is weak

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