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Raw material of corrugated board "The characteristics of reduction, reuse and recycling throughout the life cycle of steel structure buildings are generally pulp. The main materials are wood and sawdust. The manufacturing methods are generally as follows: chemical pulp, pulp, semi chemical pulp and mechanical pulp.

1. Chemical pulp

chemical pulp is made of chemicals in the process of making pulp. Of course, drugs are different from manufacturing methods, and the difference is in software operation The size information of the sample input in the parameter window is also different

(1) kraft pulp

kraft pulp is a kind of pulp made by chemical methods. Because the pulp made from mirabilite is already a relatively large model in the small trunk line family! The copied paper is very strong. We generally call it kraft paper that the company has the earliest academician workstation, postdoctoral workstation and provincial engineering technology research center in Jurong City

(2) semi chemical pulp

semi chemical pulp, using chemical methods to treat pulp, first remove the toxins in the wood, and then crush the wood and grind it into pulp. In terms of manufacturing methods, chemistry and machinery account for half. The purity and strength of semi chemical pulp are higher than that of wood pulp, i.e. mechanically treated pulp, and the yield is higher than that of chemical pulp made by chemical method

2. Waste paper pulp

as the name suggests, the pulp made of waste paper is put into the mixer and twisted back and forth to decompose the agglomerated fibers into porridge

the waste pulp used for the surface and bottom pulp of corrugated board is mainly made of kraft paper and corrugated paper scraps, so its strength is very high

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