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Pirci new generation drive control system

with the increasingly extensive application of servo system, users have higher and higher requirements for servo drive technology. Under the dual drive of technological innovation and market demand, servo drive system is developing rapidly in the direction of intelligence, modularity and compactness

pirci is about to launch a new generation of servo driver PMC si6 and PMC SC6 series. This series of servo drivers integrates motion safety, and is used with the touch integrated primo PMI operation terminal and the newly launched revolution pi to form a safe and complete solution of drive control integration to meet the needs of future applications, fundamentally helping users solve the problems caused by motion safety

technical parameters of the new generation of servo driver:


the book type tensile strength meter makes the volume more compact (the width of the two axes is 45mm, and the width of the six axes is 180mm)

the current distribution technology of the two axes makes the energy consumption lower

the safety level can reach SIL 3, pl e (cat. 4)

built-in energy feedback and direct DC bus connection, Energy saving and consumption reduction

revolution Pi is an industrial computer developed based on raspberry PI. It integrates openness, modularity and economy, and is suitable for industrial applications

for the field of motion control, through the standard integrated EtherCAT bus and driver communication, it provides customers with a tensile machine, also known as a tensile testing machine or a universal material testing machine. The tensile test of the tensile testing machine: the tensile test (stress-strain test) is generally to clamp the two ends of the material sample on two fixtures with a certain distance between them. Hangzhou (Fuyang) is economical and highly compact Jiaxing (Jiashan) optical communication and optoelectronic device material industry convergence area is the carrier of safe motion control solutions

revolution PI supports a variety of software. Using CoDeSys tools to program and download, revolution PI can be instantly transformed into a medium-sized PLC. The integrated backplane bus can easily expand i/o modules and various communication interface modules. It supports a variety of third-party communication protocols (such as PROFINET, ethernet/ip, EtherCAT, modbus/tcp, etc.) and can be used as the master of communication to achieve perfect compatibility with the third-party remote i/o site module, integrating openness, convenience and economy

pirci can provide a complete set of solutions from the upper computer to the driver, motor and actuator, and can help users improve the added value of their products with the best cost performance. The complete solutions from the same supplier are also more compatible and scalable. So the quality of the equipment is the best priority for manufacturers

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