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PKU founder new carton design software comes out

a software specially used for carton packaging design was successfully developed by PKU founder publishing system engineering company. The software

includes three parts: box structure design, large version software and three-dimensional demonstration software, which can run on the Windows95 platform of PC. It can be closely combined with core draw, free han9, stop sitting or standing on the conveyor belt D, illustrator, founder take-off, founder painting garden and other graphics, image processing software and jigsaw software to complete carton packaging design. For common box shapes, just call the box shape in the box shape library, and then modify its length, width, height, paper thickness and other data

; For special box shape, the powerful auxiliary tools provided can be used for design. At the same time, the software also provides a special three-dimensional demonstration function, so that customers can watch the packaging effect

results in the real scene, so as to realize the real sense of what you see is what you get. The fourth design and production idea was developed by Audi control device combination development department, Langsheng fiber reinforced plastic technology development department Klaus mafi Technology Co., Ltd. and Christian Karl siebenwurst GmbH Co. kg modellbau und formenbau worked closely together

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