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Pirelli customized P Zero tires for the new BMW M8

Pirelli customized P Zero tires for the new BMW M8

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Munich, October 14, 2019 - Pirelli and BMW Group, which have a long-term basis for successful cooperation, Now bring the latest project achievement - customize Pirelli 13 for the new BMW M8, and the displacement rate control accuracy is within ± 0.2% of the set value; High performance P Zero tires

this customized P zero tire is the result of close cooperation between Pirelli and the R & D and testing departments of BMW Group for several years. With beinai power, you can rest assured to understand the customized concept of all our experimental machines, and developed a p zero tire suitable for the driving characteristics of the new BMW M8. This tire is precisely adjusted for the chassis and characteristics of different models of BMW M8, including double door coupe and convertible models. This new tire with BMW original certification has corresponding marks on the side wall, including the following dimensions: P zero 275/35 ZR20 (front wheel) and P zero 285/35 ZR20 (rear wheel)

compared with the ordinary P zero, the P zero customized for this BMW model provides better performance in lap speed, dry wet handling, durability, braking performance, longitudinal and transverse water sliding, weight, comfort, noise and mileage. Thus, the customized P zero has made a decisive contribution to the potential performance of BMW M8 models

the new BMW M8 coupe and the BMW M8 thunderbolt are the more powerful and luxurious types of high-performance sports cars, bringing a more unique road and track experience. The new BMW M8 convertible model and the BMW M8 convertible thunder version also meet the needs of different enthusiasts. This high-performance convertible makes an excellent balance between daily comfortable and practical driving and the performance experience derived from the racing car

all models are equipped with 4.4-liter V8 twin turbocharged engine. The power of thunder version is 625 HP (460 kW). The top speed of all models can reach 250 kilometers per hour

in order to match the performance of P Zero tires with the driving characteristics of BMW models, Pirelli engineers adjusted the tread pattern of tires to optimize driving noise. This improves grip and optimizes wetland performance. In order to achieve the best balance between the front and rear axles of the vehicle, the front and rear wheels adopt different carcass structures. The tires equipped with the front wheels are of symmetrical carcass structure. Later, plastic recycling company was successfully persuaded to pay US $160 for recycling treatment per ton of PS waste in the next five years. The wheels are of asymmetrical carcass structure. Therefore, the customized P zero is suitable for the BMW M8 model, showing excellent performance

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