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Changyuan creates a national export hoisting machinery quality and safety demonstration zone

Changyuan creates a national export hoisting machinery quality and safety demonstration zone

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in July, the Central Plains was verdant, and the temperature was as high as 35 degrees Celsius under the scorching sun. In the early afternoon of July 22, the author saw in Changyuan County, Henan province that the third conference room of the county government was full of seats, and the participants were enthusiastic, With the strong support of Henan entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Changyuan County People's government and Xinxiang entry exit inspection and quarantine bureau successfully held a working conference on the promotion of the national Changyuan export hoisting machinery quality and safety demonstration zone, which marks the official start of the establishment of another national export industrial quality and safety demonstration Zone in our province, which covers an area of 200 mu for the construction of An'an high-end industrial aluminum production base

According to guoyunsheng, deputy director of the inspection and supervision department of Henan entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the establishment of a national Changyuan hoisting machinery quality and safety demonstration area is an important measure to implement the quality development outline (2011-2020) of the State Council, promote the implementation of the quality power strategy, and comprehensively implement the scientific concept of development Hardware configuration is guided by the macroeconomic policies of different countries, improve the quality and safety system in which local governments take overall responsibility, regulatory departments take their respective responsibilities, and enterprises are the first people, build a quality work pattern of government supervision, market regulation, enterprise subject, industry self-discipline, and social participation, improve the quality and safety level and core competitiveness of China's export industrial products, and make a useful exploration and bold attempt to serve the sustained and healthy development of the economy. Since 2013, China has closely focused on the strategic goal of "winning by quality and building a strong country with quality" and given full play to its industrial comparative advantages, and has built a number of national export industrial product quality and safety demonstration zones with strong enterprise quality management ability, high product quality and safety level, strong independent innovation ability, prominent industrial advantages, clear functional positioning, obvious agglomeration effect, and strong radiation drive, In view of the characteristics of the industries gathered in these demonstration areas, the inspection and quarantine departments provide support in the formulation of industry standards, technological innovation, independent brand development and foreign technical trade measures. At present, these demonstration areas have become a model area for the quality and safety of export commodities, a leading area for foreign trade facilitation, and a breeding area for new export competitive advantages

the demonstration area is constantly optimized step by step

in December 2013, Henan entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau and Xinxiang Municipal People's Government jointly established the provincial Xinxiang City (Changyuan) export hoisting machinery quality and safety demonstration area. In the past three years, Xinxiang entry exit inspection and quarantine Bureau has deeply studied the supporting policies for the construction of the demonstration area, expanded the exemption of legal inspection commodities of enterprises in the demonstration area, and exempted the random inspection of illegal inspection commodities, Foreign aid materials and goods exported to Africa in the region shall be inspected by the enterprises themselves, and they can enter and leave as far as possible. Remarkable achievements have been made in comprehensively improving the quality and safety level of Xinxiang (Changyuan) export hoisting machinery, promoting the healthy and sustainable development of our province's export hoisting industry, and promoting the standardized development of Changyuan demonstration zone. The domestic mine market price in the demonstration zone is stable, and the enterprises in the demonstration zone continue to show the improvement of quality awareness, quality control ability, export product price, and the number of foreign trade orders The number of recalls abroad has been reduced, with a good trend of "four rises and one drop", and some demonstration areas have gradually formed a good situation of "three wheel drive" in quality, brand and innovation

Leaders attach great importance to the good development of the demonstration area

Changyuan county Party committee and government attach great importance to the development of the lifting machinery industry. Especially after Changyuan County became a "directly administered county", the county Party committee and government have issued a number of policies to support the establishment of a national export lifting machinery demonstration area based on the industrial agglomeration area of Changyuan county. With the help of traditional advantages and after years of development, the county's hoisting industry has formed a unique pattern of traditional advantageous industries of hoisting equipment. Its products cover more than 200 varieties of ten series, such as bridge crane, gantry crane, single beam crane, double beam crane, explosion-proof crane, grab crane, cantilever crane, etc., and are widely used in machinery, metallurgy, electric power, railway, water conservancy, port and other industries. Focusing on leading enterprises, the demonstration zone has gathered upstream and downstream products, reduced comprehensive supporting costs, extended the industrial chain, and cultivated advantageous pillar industries, forming a relatively centralized layout and mutually supporting products. From order, design to manufacturing, Anhe has come together with a relatively perfect lifting industry chain with years of youth and sweat. Now it has reached the annual production capacity of 330000 cranes and 1.7 million crane parts, and the general bridge and gantry crane with less than 100 tons accounts for more than 65% of the national market share. Up to now, there are 465 enterprises, nearly 1000 merchants, more than 300 parts manufacturers, 105 complete machine manufacturers, 34 enterprises with export and foreign trade qualifications, and 5 Changyuan characteristic equipment manufacturing enterprises in the demonstration zone, which have entered the top ten in the same industry in China. In 2015, the import and export volume was 430million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 20.6%. The export products of enterprises have fulfilled the inspection obligations in accordance with the provisions of the inspection and quarantine, customs, industry and commerce, taxation and other departments. In the past three years, there has been no overseas notification and return of export goods, and no inspection and quarantine violations. The import and export scale is the leading base in the same industry in our province, and the production and import and export scale of related products in the region accounts for more than 5% of the similar industries in the country, Now Changyuan county is fully equipped with the absolute strength to impact the national hoisting machinery quality and safety demonstration zone

Since the establishment of the demonstration area, the administrative committee of Changyuan industrial agglomeration district has always adhered to the coordinated development of independent innovation of enterprises and cooperative innovation of scientific research institutions, increased policy support and scientific and technological investment, encouraged and supported backbone enterprises to strengthen the construction of scientific research teams and research centers, increased independent innovation, and continuously improved the level and ability of independent research and development. Actively strengthen the extensive cooperation with a number of scientific research institutions with high relevance to the lifting industry, such as Beijing Institute of technology, Harbin Institute of technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Taiyuan University of science and technology, Wuhan University of technology, Zhengzhou Institute of machinery, Henan University of technology, etc., support enterprises to cooperate to establish technology research and development platforms and strategic alliances for technological innovation, form a stronger collaborative innovation mechanism among industry, University and research, and organize the research and development of high-tech, high added value Advanced and applicable major transformation and upgrading products. At present, the enterprises in the base have introduced 152 high-tech projects, developed 222 new products, 1474 patents, and undertaken 149 science and technology projects at all levels, including 7 National Science and technology plan projects, 2 National Torch Plan projects, 18 high-tech enterprises, 1 post doctoral research station, 1 National Engineering and technology R & D center, 9 provincial engineering and technology R & D centers, and 58 R & D institutions in the enterprise, It has accelerated the technological innovation of the base's lifting equipment manufacturing industry and promoted the development of the lifting industry

the role of brand driven demonstration zone is obvious.

the demonstration zone vigorously implements the strategy of "building a district with integrity, revitalizing the district with quality and strengthening the district with brand", continuously strengthens basic management, actively promotes and implements advanced quality management concepts and methods such as lean management, 6S management and excellent performance management in the base enterprises, and effectively improves the quality level and brand innovation ability of lifting machinery manufacturing enterprises. Up to now, the base's hoisting machinery enterprises have created 1 Chinese famous brand product, 30 provincial famous brand products, 10 Chinese well-known trademarks and 78 provincial famous trademarks. Strive to create a national industrial brand cultivation demonstration enterprise, 2 provincial industrial brand cultivation demonstration enterprises, 1 provincial governor quality award, 3 mayor quality awards, 16 County governor quality awards, and 9 provincial AAA quality integrity industrial enterprises. 40 alliance standards have been formulated and 53 enterprise standards have been filed. A total of more than 180 lifting machinery enterprises in the base have passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, 20 enterprises have passed the environmental management system certification, 30 products have obtained the 3C certification, and 12 enterprises have obtained the Henan A-level measurement qualification certificate. For three consecutive years, the factory supervision and inspection rate of the whole crane has reached 100%

with the support of the inspection and quarantine departments at the provincial and municipal levels, the Changyuan county government will continue to provide high-quality services, implement differentiated supervision, and jointly manage with enterprises, relevant departments, and associations to jointly cultivate new export competitive advantages in technology, brand quality, and service, so that Changyuan crane can become more confident and stable to the world and enjoy a world reputation

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