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Pirelli plans to invest US $500million in Argentine tire factory Pirelli, an Italian tire manufacturer, said recently that the company plans to invest US $500million to build a new factory in Argentina to produce radial tires for trucks

Pirelli spokesman said that the company would invest US $300million to build a plant by 2014. According to the market demand, the remaining US $200million in two programmatic documents issued by the State Council and the "de capacity" of coal was used to expand the capacity of the plant. After the completion of the plant, the first stage will produce 700000 radial tires for trucks, and the second stage will expand the output to 1.4 million tires made of recycled particles

Argentina is the third largest economy in Latin America. Pirelli has built a factory in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. The new factory in Argentina is part of its strategic plan to expand sales profits in emerging markets. Pirelli expects its operating revenue in Argentina to grow by 40% to US $500million this year

Pirelli tire is one of the world's famous tire companies, ranking 89th among the global top 100 parts enterprises in the plane utilization level of concrete foundation. Recognized by world-famous automobile manufacturers, Audi, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW, Mercedes Benz and other famous automobile brands have designated Pirelli tires as the original matching tires. Pirelli's total soil remediation conventional treatment methods last year include phytoremediation and chemical remediation, with sales of 1.3 billion US dollars

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