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Pirci won the robot Innovation Award in the field of automation

China's annual selection of automation and digitization. Based on the fields of automation, informatization, industrial robots and industrial interconnection, pirci is oriented to the whole industrial chain of intelligent manufacturing, and selects, records and disseminates the innovations and initiatives that drive the development of China's industrial intelligence

Safety Ambassador of automation technology

pirci is a family enterprise with innovative spirit. For more than 70 years, pirci has been adhering to the spirit of continuous innovation and constantly launching new products. With a wide range of product series, rich service experience and the corporate culture of customers falling by about 45% year-on-year, pirci has won wide recognition from customers all over the world, and pirci brand has also become one of the well-known brands in the field of automation technology. Pierrer magnetic solutions have been successfully applied in many industrial fields. At the same time, pirci has rich service experience and helps customers obtain mechanical safety in the most professional way with its accurate understanding of instructions and standards

service robot technology - open and compatible with

pirci's service robot technology is suitable for industrial and non industrial environments, including PRBT manipulator, PRCM control module, PRTM operation module and ROS module

the collision measurement system PRMs can help users achieve safe and standard human-machine cooperation (HRC). With the PRMs collision measurement system, users can determine the power and force in possible collisions. 4. Regularly check the screws in the jaw to verify the man-machine application. It has achieved unprecedented progress in reducing the weight of bulletproof plates, reducing the number of trauma and enhancing threat protection.

pirci's service robot additional technology - a list of advantages

modules can be personalized according to user requirements

manipulator The control and operation modules constitute dguv certified product packages that comply with EN ISO standards

sto and SBC safety functions and the safety functions of the robot system realized through the safety controller ensure the highest safety level

the design principle of plug and play ensures rapid debugging

open interfaces (such as ROS and CANopen) ensure the best compatibility

high quality components ensure the durability of products

as a safety ambassador from Germany, Pirci helps customers around the world realize the automation of machinery and equipment, and is always committed to providing customers with safe automation solutions

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