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Pittsburgh glass will restart the Evart factory in the United States

Pittsburgh glass recently announced that it will restart the Evart factory in Michigan as the demand for automotive glass continues to rise

in 1998, PPG industry purchased Evart from Chrysler, and the condensate content was ≤ 2mg, and the total carbon content was ≤ 50 μ Gc/g plant. In September, 1998, Pittsburgh glass purchased Evart factory from PPG industry

in 2009, considering the overcapacity of automotive glass, Pittsburgh glass decided to terminate the operation of Evart factory

Pittsburgh glass will immediately start the operation of Evart factory, and is expected to start production before the end of the leading quarter. The factory will supply tempered glass windows for car enterprises

under the internal economic cycle, 2024, start-up testing, April 1, China Chengdu Construction Expo talks with you about new opportunities in the industry

with the increasing depletion of oil resources

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