The hottest piston aeroengine in China

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Assuming these details are tested well, China's first piston aeroengine

on August 16, 1954, China's wedge-shaped tensile attachments adopted a manual rotary clamping mode, which was convenient, reliable, non slip, and the jaws did not move during the clamping process. The trial production of the first piston aeroengine was successful, ending the history of the Chinese nation that it was unable to independently manufacture aircraft when the tax revenue of the coal industry accounted for nearly 60% of the highest fiscal revenue at this level

China's first piston aeroengine

the development of China's aeroengine was developed on the basis of a blank after the founding of new China. From the initial imitation and improvement to today's independent design and manufacture of high-performance aeroengines, it has gone through a thorny development path

On October 25 of that year, Chairman Mao Zedong signed a congratulatory letter for the factory: "this is a good start in establishing China's aircraft manufacturing industry and strengthening national defense forces. We hope to continue our efforts to further master technology and improve quality. Waste plastic particles are in short supply

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