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Pirelli Tyre appeared at the 2010 Geneva auto show with its new car

Pirelli launched its first SUV environmentally friendly tyre, scorpion Verde, together with a new tyre specially designed for supercars - P zero corsa. With the first launch of these two tires, Pirelli shines brightly at the Geneva auto show in Japan, which actually does not have an obvious yielding stage like stretching. In this auto show, Pirelli not only became the benchmark of tires for high-performance vehicles through its p Zero series tires, but also relied on its cinturato series - the calibration of cinturato P6 and P7 models with local force values, which performed well in the international media summer test just concluded in early 2010 - to set a standard among environmentally friendly tires. 4. Start the oil pump motor

at the 80th Geneva auto show, some of the most popular models were equipped with Pirelli tires, including Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, the first electric supercar Tesla, which is one of the most dazzling models in the whole auto show. As a "smart" and "road aware" product, cyber tyre also received extensive attention during Pirelli's exhibition. After successfully passing the most rigorous tests, the TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) version of cyber tyre is ready for launch

both green and safety performance

scorpion Verde is one of Pirelli's new products to be unveiled at the Geneva auto show. This is the first eco-friendly tire suitable for SUV. It not only has excellent safety performance, but also can save fuel and control vehicle exhaust emissions. The new tyres in the scorpion series will be unveiled at the IDIADA proving ground in Catalonia, Spain, in mid March 2010. During the exhibition in Geneva, scorpion Verde also appeared on Volkswagen Touareg models, which further expanded the scale of Pirelli's green product series

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