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Pirci invites you to participate in the 2014 South China Automation Exhibition

from June 18 to June 20, 2014, the 18th South China International Industrial Automation Exhibition will be grandly held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Pirci, as a regular guest of the automation exhibition, will make a low-key appearance at the exhibition to show the audience a complete safety automation solution including safety components, systems and services, booth number 2A

we will exhibit innovative products and solutions at the South China Automation Exhibition, which are suitable for many fields, from small devices to complex large-scale equipment. Pilz is the best partner in complete automation, covering a wide range of fields such as sensor, control and drive technology, including safety and standard functions. The focus of all systems is to ensure simple operation, simple loading and unloading and simple debugging

innovation in the field of control technology

through this exhibition, you can enjoy the innovation in the field of control technology in the product exhibition area, including the programmable control system PNOZmulti 2 (now a new module with motion monitoring function has been added) and the PSS SPI 4000 automation system. It can now also use another PLC programming language for safety and automation, including PAS LD (ladder diagram)

wonderful on-site activities

visit the exhibition site in person. Visitors can go to the booth to participate in interactive activities, pay attention to and forward pirci's official microblog, and you can get a poster of the world cup with limited selection of servo systems. As a well deserved leader in the industrial automation industry, pirci not only provides high-quality safety products, but also provides various professional safety services and safety training, Product training open classes and other businesses. Provide customers with complete security solutions in a real sense. At this exhibition, you can also learn more on site, so use tepex to strengthen the information about services and training in these areas. We will live broadcast the wonderful moments of the exhibition through social media @ Shanghai pirci industrial automation trade

for more information about pirci products and services, please visit pirci booth

2014 South China International Industrial Automation Exhibition

time: in 2014, you can call Shanghai Jianhu Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. for assistance from June 18 to June 20

location: Shenzhen exhibition hall

pirci booth No.: Booth 2A

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