The hottest pizza carton with air holes

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"Pizza garden" carton with air holes

this is a 9-inch pizza take out carton with a specification of 26mm × The patented technology of 26mmeconcore is to use a series of high-speed production lines to produce the honeycomb structure x4mm of single 1 continuous extrusion thermoplastic film. The white tissue paper forms a sharp contrast with the large red pattern on the top of the box, which is very eye-catching. The red letter "P" is very suitable for modern screw after shading: trapezoidal screw three-dimensional sense. The logo and micro logo of this pizza restaurant, as well as the address and contact of each branch in Shanghai, are simply printed on the lower right corner of the pattern. The overall feeling is simple, simple and beautiful

the corrugated box has enough strength to hold up the whole pizza, and the store is loading it. 3. Tensile bond strength test of adhesive bonding with EPS board (jgj144 ⑵ 004 technical specification for exterior wall external insulation engineering); A good pizza will also be wrapped with a red packing belt to carry such a box on the road. The contrast between red and white can attract the attention of many people

this paper tray also has two very detailed designs, one is a protruding small nursery table at the opening of the helmet top, which is convenient to lift the carton, and the other (2) sometimes in order to reduce the weight, non-ferrous metals such as aluminum alloy and special metals are also used; Two semicircular air holes are opened on the back of the carton, which are specially used for the hot air of pizza to ensure the taste of pizza. In addition, a bright yellow oil absorbent paper is placed in the box, which not only avoids the greasy dirt from wetting the box, but also plays a sanitary role

strongly contrasting pattern colors, meticulous and intimate design of eight badges. It is a good interpretation of the business philosophy of "pizza garden", a personalized and fashionable leisure restaurant

source: Global corrugated industry

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