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Research on the integrated application of cad/cam of piston and its mold based on the innovation platform

Abstract: Based on the innovation software platform, this paper carries out the integrated application research of piston digital product design, mold design and mold processing. Take the 3D model of digital products as the carrier for information transmission, and apply the unified digital 3D model in the downstream link, so as to ensure the integrity and high unity of design information. Through the piston application example, this paper introduces the cad/cam integrated application process based on the innovation platform in detail, and finally completes the cam processing of the piston mold, which lays the foundation for the realization of the cad/cam integrated application


the traditional enterprise product design information is transmitted to the downstream with 2D drawings as the standard carrier. Due to the limitations of 2D drawings, problems such as information loss and change may occur in the process of information transmission, resulting in deviations between the final product and the original design information, affecting the accuracy of the product. At the same time, many subsequent processes often have to re conduct 3D modeling due to work needs, and a large amount of repetitive work leads to a needless increase in workload. This paper studies the application of cad/cam integration of piston products and their molds on the innovation software platform, so as to provide solutions for the full digital product design and the integration of mold design and manufacturing, and improve the ability of product development and innovation

1 background of cad/cam integration research by using innovation software

after investigation and comparison of software, innovation is a domestic high-end 3D cad/cam comprehensive software developed by Huatian software after introducing foreign advanced cad/cam. Because this software has been widely used in Japanese industry for decades, it is on the same technical platform as the international advanced mainstream cad/cam high-end software, 3D modeling, cam processing and other functions are complete. At the same time, the software supports the conversion of mainstream CAD data at home and abroad, and can easily realize data docking with other software. Therefore, the innovation software is suitable as a technical platform for cad/cam integrated application, and the key of enterprise application is how to realize the application of cad/cam integration in a real sense on a unified software platform

2 piston product CAD

product design mainly adopts parametric modeling. Design information is transmitted to the downstream through 3D and 2D digital models at the same time, so as to ensure the integrity of design information transmission and reduce the workload of repeated modeling

2.1 product CAD based on parametric modeling

product design generally needs many modifications and optimization from the initial concept to the determination of the final product. Parametric design modeling was used in the CAD process of producing a cannon afros measuring equipment specially designed for hp-rtm process to form a parametric driven 3D model and 2D engineering drawing. Due to the strong relevance of parametric design, 3D model can not only visually and conveniently observe and verify the structural rationality of the designed product, but also conveniently modify and optimize the product digital model by modifying the driving parameters at any time according to the design needs, saving the energy and time of product design engineers, and improving the work efficiency and the success rate of product design. Using the flexible sketch design, parametric design, convenient surface modeling and complex fillet processing ability of innovation, the CAD parametric modeling of piston products can be quickly realized, as shown in Figure 1, and the 3D piston model is shown in Figure 2

Figure 1 parametric modeling

Figure 2 piston 3D model

2.2 information transmission of digital products

because different software has been used between different departments, the traditional product design information is transmitted downward through 2D drawings. Sometimes 2D drawings can not fully express the design information, which often leads to the loss, change or ambiguity of the design information in the transmission process, resulting in the difference between the actual product and the design. And when the innovation is soft and should not be lower than level B2 "; The digital product design information on the 2011 part platform is transmitted downward through the 3D model and its associated 2D engineering drawings, which ensures the integrity of the product design information in the transmission process and eliminates the possible design information transmission errors relying on the 2D drawing transmission mode. At the same time, it provides a unified and complete 3D digital model for CAE simulation analysis, mold CAD, mold cam and other processes, which not only reduces the work of modeling downstream processes separately, but also ensures a high degree of unity of all process product model information, and improves the information consistency and information sharing of the whole product process

3 mold CAD

the 3D digital model passed down from product design can easily form the 3D model of piston mold through the topological relationship of entities and Boolean set operation relationship on the innovation software. This paper only takes the piston cavity mold as an example to illustrate, as shown in figure 3, the 3D model of mold formed after topological and Boolean operation

Figure 3 piston mold CAD

because the piston will shrink during the casting condensation process, it is necessary to compensate the shrinkage amount in advance during the mold design, so as to ensure that the product size after molding meets the design requirements. The size zoom function provided by the innovation software can compensate and adjust the mold size in three different directions according to the shrinkage of the part, so as to ensure that the size of the actual formed product conforms to the design size, and conveniently solve the difference between the size of the mold and the piston. The compensation of piston contraction is shown in Figure 4

Figure 4 piston shrinkage compensation

4 mold cam

the 3D model of the piston mold of the metal coating tensile testing machine and the associated 2D engineering drawing are transmitted downward to the mold processing. The cam function module provided by the innovation software can realize the cam of the piston mold in time. Call in and open the cam module, set the relevant boundary parameters (such as blank confirmation, tool selection, trajectory mode, etc.), and then automatically form the machining path (as shown in Figure 5). Confirm the tool path through the dynamic tracking of the machining path, and you can check the machining load and the interference between the tool and the workpiece. Through a series of simulation confirmation and inspection, you can ensure the correctness and safety of processing. After simulation inspection, the machining instruction is created through NC output. Finally, it is transferred to NC machining through post-processing related settings. 2. After clamping the sample, do not process the piston mold at the load value "zero" center, and realize the piston mold cam

Figure 5 tool path


rely on the unified digital technology platform innovation to realize the integration of cad/cam for piston design and manufacturing, and eliminate the poor information transmission and the limitation of transmission media in the traditional process. Innovation software has the function of realizing integration at the technical level and has been verified by practice. However, in order to fully implement cad/cam integration in enterprises, a lot of auxiliary work needs to be done. Compared with other domestic agent software, Huatian software has complete cad/cam software source code and considerable development ability. Binzhou piston has accumulated a lot of product development experience and knowledge. Through the combination of the two, we believe that the deep professional development of the software will greatly shorten the design and manufacturing cycle of the piston and make the R & D and innovation ability of the enterprise reach a higher level. (end)

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