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What are the causes of frequent fire fighting in the packaging plant? At about 12:10 pm yesterday, a fire broke out in Zhifu road Xieji packaging material factory in Lingxia community, Liaobu Town. The smoke soon filled the whole street. 12 fire engines and 68 firefighters participated in the on-site rescue. After more than two hours of fighting, the fire was controlled. Fortunately, the fire did not cause casualties, and the specific economic losses are still being counted. We can also select the most suitable change experimental machine according to the following points: 1 Maximum torque: the maximum torque of the tested parts

a fire broke out in a packaging factory in Liaobu, with black smoke everywhere, and more than a dozen fire engines extinguished the fire on site. At about 3 p.m. yesterday, Mr. Wei, a citizen, said that a fire broke out in a garment factory in Lingxia community, Liaobu Town. The smoke was very heavy, and there were two rescuers on standby at the scene

later, Guangzhou rushed to the scene and saw that although the open fire was not big, the smoke filled the whole street. A cordon had been set up around it, and dozens of firefighters were on the scene to fight the fire. It's terrible. We wanted to put out the fire, but the fire suddenly became bigger and bigger. An employee of the packaging factory told me

according to the person in charge of on-site rescue, the fire brigade of Liaobu Town sent fire trucks and commanders to the scene after receiving the alarm. At the same time, the command center of the Municipal Fire detachment mobilized 7 teams, including special service No. 1, Chashan, Dongcheng, Shilong, Songshanhu, Hengli and zhanbao. A total of 12 fire fighting vehicles and 68 firefighters came to the scene for rescue, and also sent 2 hook aircraft to participate in the rescue operation

the responsible person disclosed that the fire building was a single-layer steel structure warehouse, with a building area of about 600 square meters and a burned area of about 480 square meters. At about 2:30 pm yesterday, the open fire was put out. It is preliminarily understood that the warehouse is equipped with professional software to store waste plastics, so a large amount of smoke is generated in the fire. Introduction by the relevant person in charge of the Publicity Office of Liaobu Town

it is reported that the fire did not cause casualties, the specific economic losses are still being counted, and the cause of the fire is still under further investigation

fire prevention tips for printing and packaging enterprises: in order to eliminate fire hazards and effectively prevent the occurrence of safety production accidents, enterprises should not only establish a perfect safety production system and carry out daily fire inspection, but also focus on management and production details, and pay attention to the following aspects

(1) operate in strict accordance with the process requirements. Any violation of process operation may lay hidden dangers for the occurrence of accidents

(2) reasonably allocate fire extinguishing equipment. If there are a large amount of flammable materials such as ink and paper in the production workshop, packaging workshop and warehouse, more fire-fighting facilities should be set, and at least one fire extinguisher should be configured for every 30 ~50 square meters

(3) special personnel shall be assigned to take care of the fire-fighting facilities, inflammables and explosives, fire, electricity and other safe use facilities in the workshop. Check regularly, without leaving any dead corners or missing posts. If any problem is found, solve it in time

(4) strengthen the supervision of hazardous chemicals. It is now in the deep winter, which is a period of dangerous chemical accidents. Printing and packaging enterprises should do a good job in the storage of relevant dangerous chemicals. In terms of production details, the heating mold is also very important to the curing of composite materials, which can reduce the stock of gasoline for cleaning in the workshop. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the management of production and operation sites, timely clean up the flammable and combustible materials on the site and around the site, and keep the production and operation sites of dangerous chemicals that are not pried by tools clean and tidy without sundries

(5) check whether the evacuation passages in the plant and workshop are unblocked, whether the emergency lights are in good condition, whether there is fire water source in the plant, and whether there are eye-catching safety exit signs in the workshop

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