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Challenges and opportunities faced by China's industrial robot industry to avoid the reaction of pressure; What is at the outlet of the oil pump?

(article source: Robert Institute of robotics, China Science and Technology)

the research on industrial robot technology is a process in which a large number of disciplines blend and promote each other and develop rapidly. Through the innovation of man-machine cooperation, artificial intelligence, bionic structure and other technologies, we have created the industrial robot we see now. However, the technology of industrial robot has never stopped developing. It is rapidly expanding to every place of human life. This is a new challenge not only for human beings, but also for robots. The development of robots has shown us a wider range of applications

in the field of domestic industrial robots, the core components and applications are also changing. Domestic manufacturers have overcome some problems of key core parts such as reducer, servo control, servo motor, etc. the small panel control system of core parts manufacturers still has many commendable skills. The localization trend has become increasingly obvious: for example, the joint reducer of Qinchuan robot has been sold to 200 robot manufacturers at home and abroad through mass production and sales; The harmonic reducer developed by Shenzhen Han's laser can be customized, and its precision is equivalent to that of international brands

the application of domestic robots has been extended to many industries such as plastics, rubber, food, environmental protection, etc. Based on the space robot arm that can automatically remove space garbage, China Academy of launch vehicle technology has launched the first robot in the field of environmental sanitation garbage sorting in China. The sorting rate can reach 93%, which is 8 times that of traditional manual sorting

in the future, robots will need cooperation between disciplines, industries, people and robots of the same discipline, industry, and people. From January to October this year, Thailand imported a total of 413 extruders from China. Bernd Lippert, President of the European robotics Association, said that high-precision controllers can enable them to achieve better stress rate, strain rate and displacement rate, and maintain constant load, constant strain and positioning displacement. The development of the experimental robot industry needs to be constantly innovated according to the needs of the society. In the future robot innovation ecosystem, robots will cooperate with artificial intelligence, Internet technology, digitalization and other fields, which is a kind of collaborative intelligence. Most artificial intelligence systems can achieve the best performance only by cooperating with humans


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