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What are the characteristics of the new electromagnetic vibration feeder

www.mechnet. com. cn "> the electromagnetic vibration feeder is a new type of feeding equipment. Compared with other feeding equipment, it has the following characteristics: 1. Small size, light weight, simple structure, easy installation, no rotating parts, no lubrication, convenient maintenance, and low operation cost. 2. The electromagnetic vibration feeder uses the resonance principle of mechanical vibration, and the two masses work in a low critical state. 1. Unless otherwise specified, a red line for ecological protection is set It consumes less electric energy. 3. Because the material flow can be changed and opened and closed instantaneously, the feeding quantity has high accuracy

4. Since the materials in the feeding trough are continuously thrown up during the feeding process and jump forward according to the trajectory of the parabola, the wear of the feeding trough is small

5. The control equipment of this series of electric vibrators adopts thyristor half wave rectifier circuit, which is expected to help everyone. Therefore, in the process of use, the feeding amount can be adjusted steplessly by adjusting the development angle of thyristor, and the centralized control of production process and active control of export to developed countries can be realized

6. This series of electric vibrator is not applicable to hot materials above 300 ℃ and occasions with explosion-proof requirements

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