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What are the bottlenecks of express packaging recycling

release date: Source: Beijing business daily

how to recycle the logistics packaging waste generated every day? What is the difficulty? On July 2, the Beijing business daily learned that the Beijing Municipal Postal Administration has jointly held a symposium on the recycling of express packaging waste with the Beijing Municipal Urban Management Committee. The two sides exchanged specific cooperation contents and methods on "express industry + recycling industry", and further discussed the construction of recycling system, the establishment of normalized incentive mechanism, the connection of existing work system and other issues. During the visit, I learned that some logistics enterprises have set up recycling devices at all points. However, it is not as smooth as expected to establish a recycling mechanism in the end stores

at a mother's post station (Yuantong Express terminal store) in Chaoyang District, the Beijing business daily observed that some consumers would directly disassemble cartons and cartons at the post station and stack them near the gate of the station. According to the staff of the post station, about dozens of express packages will be left here every day. If someone comes to send express, they will choose better cartons for packaging

"most of these packages can not be used because they are worn and the size may not match the items. The rest of the packages will be taken by special recyclers." While answering the Beijing business daily, the staff member put the items into a used carton, pasted the tape again, and covered the new sheet on the box

even in Colleges and universities, according to an insider, the daily express volume of the service station is about 4000 pieces on average, and the carton express accounts for more than 3000 pieces of direct atoms in the interface, of which only 30% of the cartons can be recycled

in addition to the impact of packaging loss on the recovery rate, in fact, the venue and consumers' taking habits will also affect the enthusiasm of stores to establish a recovery mechanism. "Our post station has a large amount of packages and limited space, so there is no room for recycling boxes. Moreover, many people will take Express home, so it is unnecessary to set recycling." A staff member of the post station said frankly

it is understood that some logistics enterprises have achieved full coverage of recycling devices. The relevant person in charge of Zhongtong said that more than 21000 packaging waste recycling devices have been laid in sites across the country, and all sites in Beijing have set up recycling boxes. A person in charge of a regional site of JD logistics in Beijing told the Beijing Business Daily that at present, the site has set up recycling boxes. When employees deliver goods to the door, they will also ask customers whether they need to recycle cartons. With the increase of express delivery volume year by year, express packages such as cartons, plastic bags and foam boxes have become "frequent customers" of garbage cans in the community, and the waste of resources and environmental pollution caused by them are becoming more and more difficult to ignore. In fact, since May 1, the newly revised regulations of Beijing Municipality on the administration of domestic waste have been implemented. It mentioned that express companies should use electronic waybills and biodegradable and reusable environmental protection packaging materials, and encourage them to take recycling measures

however, the use of environmentally friendly packaging will also increase costs. "The price of degradable packaging materials is two to three times that of ordinary materials. If environmental protection packaging materials are widely used, it will inevitably raise the express cost. Therefore, enterprises can reduce the cost by using recyclable packaging bags, transit bags, or reverse recall express packaging." The above insiders suggested

in addition, in the transfer center, logistics enterprises save express resources by using recyclable environmental protection bags. The relevant person in charge of Baishi told the Beijing Business Daily that since april2019, the hydraulic system error is a very common error of pressure testing machines, and Baishi's major transfer centers have promoted the use of recyclable bags. By the end of December 2019, stations in East China, North China, central China and South China had put fixtures and test pieces into thermostatic bath for experiments as shown in the photo, widely used environmental protection bags, and 5million pieces had been put into use

"this bag has chip identification and route tracking functions. Its group sensing RFID chip technology can also collect information about package transfer, loss, regional flow direction, audit, etc. compared with the traditional woven bag that can only be used twice at most, it can actually be reused for more than 40 times, which can effectively improve the efficiency of the transfer center in and out of the warehouse, reduce waste and reduce pollution." The person in charge said

it can be seen that Beijing will continue to promote the implementation of express recycling. Beijing Municipal Postal Administration said that in the future, it will further promote the recycling of express packaging waste in Beijing and improve the recycling efficiency

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