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Wood veneer, the full name of decorative veneer veneer plywood, is a surface material used for indoor decoration or home manufacturing, which is made by planing natural wood or scientific and technological wood into thin slices of a certain thickness, adhering to the surface of plywood and hot pressing

wood veneer

is an indispensable material for interior design

many people like it

when ordinary wood meets a designer

it has the potential to change

when it shows up with unexpected decorative effects

it may make your whole home beautiful

wood veneer

full name decorative veneer veneer plywood

is to cut natural wood or technological wood into thin slices of a certain thickness

. adhere to gluing The surface material used for interior decoration or home manufacturing, which is hot pressed from the board surface, not only has the beautiful patterns of wood, but also makes full use of wood resources, reducing costs, Widely used

indoor application

● create a living room background wall

our commonly used TV background wall has wood

stone and module

and the wood facing TV background wall is very real

the TV background wall made of wood elements gives people a sense of luxury

so it is favored by many people

but when using the wood finish as the TV background wall, we should do a good job in moisture-proof treatment

such as laying a layer of uniform linoleum or oilpaper Moisture proof

at the same time, we should also do a good job in fire prevention

● create a bedroom background wall

the wood decoration wall can produce perfect diffuse reflection of sound

can effectively buffer the impact of bass

plus the good absorption of the material itself to the bad sharp waves of sound

so as to form a perfect three-level noise reduction function in the space

greatly improve the sleep quality of one-third of life

so the wood decoration is selected for the wall of the bedroom A good choice

in the home atmosphere created by wood

build a free territory of galloping spirit

let the elegant home and interior plump your eyes

quietly enjoy solitude with nature

who can resist such a bedroom

● spread it all over

the space area is never a problem for wood finishes

wood finishes with atmospheric wind

often appear in large spaces

large areas use wood decorative panels

for large houses

complete the spatial unity

easy to form neat and smooth visual effects

● local use, Also good

wood veneer can play a good coordinating role in large space

when wood veneer is used in local space

it can also be used as a transition of space

through wood veneer

cutting or integrating space

to grasp the visual changes of space

● it will also go to heaven

compared with gypsum, wallpaper, diatom mud...

wood veneer on the wall, and even climb up the ceiling

with visual impact, Natural lines have more texture

people who love wood elements can't resist this magic

not only has the wind of atmosphere

but also can improve the owner's taste

it's not too much to call wood veneers the "killer mace" of luxury houses




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