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[Yihe doors and windows] with the gradual growth of the Internet, it means that e-commerce has also grown with it. At present, various sunshine housing agents have begun to join the field of developing e-commerce. Looking at the current situation, exploring new retail has become a popular trend, and it is more popular and popular than e-commerce. Therefore, how can sunshine housing agents keep up with the current trends and achieve smooth development

experiment and exploration of new retail

the sunshine housing industry has experienced several years of development and reform, and the saturation degree of the market has also been well known. The consumption flow has been gradually dispersed. Although many sunshine housing agents continue to try to find new ways, they have never achieved much success, that is, standing still. Therefore, at present, the emergence of the new retail trend makes the broad masses of sunshine housing agents see the dawn of the way out, and have implemented experimental exploration

clear obstacles

after the emergence of new retail, it really has a far-reaching impact on the majority of sunshine housing agency enterprises, which is both an opportunity and a challenge. For sunshine house agency enterprises, it is always difficult to truly achieve online, and logistics is one of the major obstacles. Because of the large volume and weight of door and window products, there are often many problems in transportation. Therefore, in the development of new retail, sunshine housing agency enterprises also need to rationally know the difficulties on this road and overcome them one by one

in conclusion, if sunshine housing agency enterprises want to conform to the current trend of development, they must find a suitable development mode, so that they can keep up with the pace of the development of the times, so as to keep pace with the times and develop in the long run

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