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Children's body resistance is relatively low, so it is very important for children's healthy development and growth to arrange an environment-friendly, safe and comfortable indoor environment for children at home during decoration. In view of the problems that should be paid attention to in the decoration process of children's room, the reporter specially consulted the designer who has rich experience in the decoration of children's room

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“ Children's room decoration safety and environmental protection is the key &rdquo

the designer told reporters “ The safety and environmental protection of children's room decoration is the key, and many owners have realized this at present& rdquo; The designer said “ In our design, the desks and bedside tables in the children's room appear in the form of curves, trying to avoid the appearance of square corners and reduce potential harm to children, because children often play in the room, it is inevitable that they will bump and bump, and they will bump into where they are not careful& rdquo; The curve just reduces the damage, and “ Curves can also stimulate children's thinking &rdquo

“ In our work, we will suggest that the owner try to use natural and environmentally friendly materials, such as wood materials, but avoid using natural stones, because natural stones have radioactive hazards& rdquo; When the reporter asked about the use of some paints, wood-based panels and rubber products, she told the reporter “ It is necessary to test unswervingly to see whether it meets the standard& rdquo;

“ The color of children's room cannot be ignored &rdquo

for the color of children's room, the designer told reporters “ The color of children's room can't be ignored. It's taboo to use deep and colorful colors in a large area, but generally light blue and pink are the main tones. Our model room is also made in strict accordance with the requirements. Because children are quite sensitive to color, long-term contact is easy to produce aesthetic fatigue& rdquo;

at the same time, the lights in the children's room are also very particular, “ It is soft and not dazzling. It is best to use multiple small spotlights, and the angle can be adjusted at will, which is not only conducive to lighting, but also conducive to protecting the baby's eyes& rdquo;

“ Children's free space is also important &rdquo

free space is also a point that must be paid attention to, because “ The free space left for children in the children's room is also very important, so furniture should take up as little space as possible and leave more space for children “ Games &rdquo

take an example to explain “ Children like to play together and naturally invite their playmates to their homes. After coming, children like to be in their own small world, not in the living room or their parents' room. This requires that the children's own room has enough activity space& rdquo;

the reporter reminds the owners who are decorating or are about to decorate that the decoration of children's room is the top priority of all houses, and we hope that the designers can use these points in the decoration

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