Laoka generation wooden door is officially launche

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On June 4, 2019, lacca's first generation wooden doors were officially launched, which was a surprise to consumers with one-stop shopping needs and a big step towards the implementation of lacca's big home strategy

2017, Lloyd's card successfully transformed the whole house customization

6 cabinet series officially launched

2018, delved into the way of cabinets

continued to launch new products

committed to the research and development of new products

2019 today, Lawka hereby announces:

lawka's first generation wooden doors are officially launched

this is a surprise for consumers with one-stop shopping needs

it is also a big step in the implementation of lawka's big home strategy

afternoon sunshine - simple series

this wooden door released

three series

Simple Series classic series supporting series

of which 10 sets of wooden door products

are related supporting products of listed whole house products

satisfied Labor card users' needs for overall coordination of the whole house style

new Chinese style - light ink Qingyun series

in addition, as a new member of labor card products, what is exciting about the generation of wooden doors

? Produced by international masters, leading the fashion

in terms of modeling, some continue the simplicity of several major modern product series of Roca in the past, while others highlight the classic elegance of European style. The wooden door of Roca generation, originally produced by Italian design masters, is fashionable, simple, elegant and outstanding

riverside Rhine - simple series

light European story - classic series

? Double environmental protection review, create a healthy home life

labor card generation wooden door, and manually select the boards made of solid wood. Through two rings of strict environmental protection review, one is to establish a rare internal laboratory in the industry, and constantly self inspect the formaldehyde content of the boards every month. The other is to take the initiative to send the boards to the national authority on time and regularly to ensure that the produced boards meet the national E1 standard, We will continue to provide consumers with "green, environmental friendly and healthy" household products

Santa Fe V2 classic series

Roman holiday classic series

? Select the European high-end door core with excellent performance

as the preferred door core material for high-end wooden doors, the German bridge and hole mechanics board, using the principle of arch bridge and hole, has a unique tubular structure, evenly dispersing external forces, and its thickness is up to 45mm, making the Laoka generation wooden doors have strong deformation resistance and superior sound insulation and fire prevention effect

Meiya Xinshang V2 simple series

Meitu is not enough



minimalism V2

Berlin spring

Italian style

romantic manor

romantic manor V2

universal sliding door 01- double sliding door

as a benchmark enterprise in the customization industry, lacca not only sharpens its quality with ingenuity, but also walks at the forefront of International fashion.Also determined to bring customers a better consumption experience, After the cabinet, another new category was officially sold to consumers to meet the increasingly obvious one-stop shopping needs of consumers

in the future, lawka will continue to move towards the road of big home and insist on letting consumers experience the beautiful home life brought by the new lifestyle




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