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Shopping malls are like battlefields. In recent years, the competition in the wardrobe market can be described as "smoke of gunpowder", and wardrobe enterprises addicted to the competition of homogeneous products have gradually suffered the consequences. With the increasing diversification of consumer demand, for wardrobe enterprises, in product research and development, they should improve their sensitivity to the market and create more products favored by consumers. Don't stick to the rules in the research and development of wardrobe products! Whole house custom furniture brand Deville

wardrobe enterprises have low market sensitivity

some insiders pointed out that at present, some wardrobe enterprises have low sensitivity, do not understand the changes of the market and the business environment, and only rotate in their own small circles. In addition, he only focused on the immediate interests, and did not prepare for the change of weather. For wardrobe enterprises, although the market is not really full of "blood" like the battlefield, if they do not grasp the direction in the silent smoke of gunpowder, the enterprises will not only miss the opportunities of tomorrow, but also may lead to a disastrous decline

low sensitivity is detrimental to the sustainable development of enterprises

when solid wood was popular a few years ago, some stores only made solid wood and software, indicating that it seems to be in order to aggregate all brands of a category and create the selling points of a professional solid wood store. However, this kind of play has a fatal drawback, that is, once the market vane changes and other styles rise, the whole store will have no power to fight back! Today, the popularity of American style, as well as the new Chinese style, custom-made style is booming, and the survival status of this "all solid wood, no impurities" store is at stake. In addition, when the customization momentum is strong, a furniture brand sticks to the rules and updates its products slowly, resulting in the market share being seized by the rapidly rising customized furniture brands

the research and development of wardrobe products need to find out the market demand.

different from being a store of only one category, wardrobe enterprises need to establish a brand of fist products to drive the hot sale of subsequent products. However, if the product line is too long, the wardrobe enterprises will be lost. This is a common problem of enterprises, especially in the wardrobe industry. This year's solid wood, next year's Xiaomei, in order to catch up, enterprises often spend a lot of effort to add product lines that they are not good at, but ignore the original advantages. The success rate of "blossoming" in this "machine sea strategy" is too low. Therefore, in order to upgrade and extend, wardrobe enterprises should decisively cut off products that do not adapt to the market and invest their energy in products that are more favored by consumers

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