Interior exposure of Aunt Xue Wang Lin's mansion,

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"Aunt Xue" Wang Lin successfully created “ Aunt Xue ” One corner is well known by many audiences. She has brought one classic screen image after another, and her acting skills have become more and more excellent after more than ten years of acting career. In life, Wang Lin, who is petite and gentle with a gentle voice, really can't see the shadow of a bad woman. She has a lovely son (Wang Ruo), who likes travel and food. I don't know what her home will be like

home decoration belongs to a mix and match style, which integrates the oriental charm into the Western neoclassicism style, shows its unique taste in customization, and creates a school of birds singing and flowers returning to nature. One of Wang Lin's hobbies is travel. She especially likes Europe. The neoclassical style of the whole family also gains a lot of inspiration from her travel

there is a magnificent Chinese flower in the living room “ Murals ”, It is a flower wallpaper specially customized by Wang Lin, implying the wealth of flowers, the beauty and grace of peonies, and the plum blossom symbolizes the spirit of fearing the fierce cold wind ~

a corner of the home

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