Acceptance of metal works and miscellaneous items

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The acceptance of metal works and miscellaneous items at the later stage of decoration mainly includes the following points:

first, the acceptance of metal works at the later stage of decoration

(1) whether the metal structure is straight after decoration; If the window part, it is required that the rubber strip and other closures are complete

(2) whether the metal window is flexible and unimpeded after decoration

(3) after decoration, whether the welding points of anti-theft nets, anti-theft doors and other pipe bodies have been polished, firmly placed, and there is no looseness

(4) whether the specification and pipe wall thickness meet the requirements after decoration

(5) whether there is rainwater leakage between the window and the window opening after decoration

II. Acceptance of miscellaneous items in the later stage of decoration

(1) review whether the project is completed item by item according to the provisions of the decoration contract project

(2) whether all lamps are on after decoration

(3) whether the engineering garbage has been completely removed after decoration

(4) whether the sanitary ware and other fittings are installed accurately after decoration, whether the toilet including water storage and flushing are normal, and whether the drainage of the wash basin is normal

(5) whether the floor drain is blocked after decoration





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