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Understand the quotation of decoration company

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I. Basic information of the budget sheet

a budget should include: project name, unit, quantity, process description, specification, size and type of auxiliary materials used, management fee, tax, etc. these items are indispensable, otherwise it is very easy to give profiteers opportunistic opportunities

II. Classification of budget items

by type of work: water electrician, carpenter, Mason, painter and other types of work

III. according to the decoration content: Hydropower Engineering, ground engineering, wall engineering, ceiling engineering, furniture engineering, etc

IV. the quotation of general decoration companies is basically divided by each decoration content of each room:


project name unit quantity total main materials total auxiliary materials total labor total remarks bedroom

ceiling Engineering: 30*30 wood keel

12mm paper gypsum board

50*50mm gypsum line

ground engineering: 50*30 wood keel joist

wood floor (Lifeng)

wall engineering: skirting line: Nine centimeters board bottoming, Walnut veneer, pressing 1.2*1.2 black walnut lines

paint Engineering: wall top emulsion paint (Master)

skirting nitrovarnish (12 degrees)

total main materials, total auxiliary materials, total labor

direct cost:

management fee:



v. common skills of decoration companies in budgeting

1. Disassembly (project name)

put one.The project was divided into several items, and the unit price came down, The total price has gone up

for example, the wall tiles are disassembled into two projects: wall base treatment and wall tiles

the latex paint project is disassembled into two projects: wall putty and latex paint

the triangle valve and metal hose in the toilet installation project are separately listed as two projects

2, unit transformation

the projects that should have been quoted by square meters are changed to quoted by meters

example: door covers are generally quoted by decoration companies only, But some decoration companies quote according to meters, so a door pocket becomes 5 meters. The unit price goes down, but the total price goes up

3. Play tricks on the quantities

many companies are writing about the quantities in order to obtain higher profits

for example, latex paint does not deduct the area of door and window openings

the kitchen and bathroom wall and floor tiles are calculated as full paving, but when pasting, they only stick the places visible to the eyes, and not the back of the cabinet

some of them deliberately miscalculated and overstated the quantities. When they were found, they dealt with them with the miscalculation of the budgeter

some of them deliberately understated the quantities and negotiated the contract at a low price. Half of the project was completed. Due to the previous calculation error, they asked for additional payment

4. Play tricks on the unit price of main materials

do not use famous brand products with clear prices, but replace them with unknown products, so that consumers do not know the price

5. Increase the price of auxiliary materials

consumers study the main materials in detail, and they are not clear about the price of auxiliary materials. The decoration company will make an article here

for example, the quotation of auxiliary materials for latex paint is 6 yuan/square meter, while the actual price is below 2 yuan/square meter

6. The prices of main materials and auxiliary materials are not reported separately

give the decoration company the opportunity to fish in troubled waters

for example, if the floor is 200 yuan/square meter, including auxiliary materials, the decoration company may only use the products of 150 yuan/square meter, which is also called the price of your auxiliary materials

7. Double counting

the door installation has been included in the hinge, and the floor nail has been included in the floor installation. Then at the end, another project "hardware", 3000 yuan, was added. When the budgeter asked what materials it was, he didn't know why. This was a common trick used by small decoration companies in previous years, and now it is used less

VI. how to prevent consumers

1. Carefully check the budget and drawings. See whether the materials indicated in the drawing are the same as those in the budget, and whether the quantity is the same

2. It is required to indicate the materials and brands in the remarks column

3. Carefully calculate the quantities to see if there is any suspicion of overestimation, calculation and missing items

4. Investigate the market, and understand the market price of the materials used

5. Require the decoration company to quote according to your method, and increase the transparency of quotation

6. There are many problems found, Require the decoration company to re quote

7. Ask the third-party supervisor




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