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Brief analysis of vacuum packaging machine technology (I)

(2) medical vacuum packaging machine: the above figure is a delicate sterile packaging machine, which adopts special vacuum system and exhaust device, and is especially suitable for purification in electronics, food, medicine and other industries, and is used in dust-free sterile workshops and other places with high requirements. At the same time, the form of vacuum pumping is also more conducive to the storage of such products for a long time without contact with the air, so as to completely eliminate secondary pollution. At the same time, this kind of equipment can also be used in food packaging with aseptic requirements to achieve good results

electronic vacuum packaging machine

(3) electronic vacuum packaging machine: the above figure is a typical electronic packaging machine, which is suitable for electronic products, such as semiconductors, crystals, PCBs, and can play the effects of moisture-proof, oxidation and discoloration prevention on internal metal processing parts. Vacuum packaging reduces the packaging volume and saves logistics costs. At the same time, it can also vacuum large and fluffy objects such as fabrics and woolen fabrics. In addition, this model can usually make the finished product have the characteristics of anti impact, so as to protect the precision instrument from becoming the biggest bottleneck restricting the further development of the industry

although these mechanical equipment have been greatly improved in function and technology, the author believes that they should be improved in the following aspects:

first, the overall function of the equipment should be improved:

(1) improve efficiency: in many enterprises we know, most products are at the efficiency of 3 to 4 times/minute. Naturally, this is also caused by the complex process of vacuum pumping technology. However, in the face of today's high-speed industrial efficiency, it really seems to be "unable to keep pace". Therefore, this should be the improvement direction of manufacturers in the industry for a period of time

(2) wider adaptability: because the volume of packaged goods sometimes varies greatly, it requires better compatibility of vacuum packaging, which can meet the needs within a certain range. Naturally, users will be more willing to buy such products from an economic point of view

the second is the specific needs of the equipment:

(3) the corresponding functions should be added according to the product needs: because the application of vacuum packaging has a clear purpose: mold proof, dust-proof, moisture-proof, quality assurance, etc., when dealing with products of different properties, its composite functions should be added. For example, when the food is vacuum packed, the cooling system should be added as suggested above; When the drugs are packed, a sterilization and disinfection system shall be equipped; When packaging electronic products, equip with moisture-proof and anti-oxidation control; For textile packaging, we should pay attention to its fine cotton fibers and so on. In addition, the inflation function has been basically accepted and applied by insiders. Similar functions should also be developed

(4) the application of automation, electrification and other related high-tech technologies: the author believes that this is an industrial trend, no matter which modern industry "all agree". In the vacuum pumping machine, this technology also brings another benefit: safety and health. Nowadays, among the products of some prescient enterprises, the price of coking coal has increased by 200%. Programmable control (PLC), color screen touch operation and servo motor operation have been "everywhere". If merchant e: the power and transmission system is more compact and has not realized this, it will be lonely in the near future until it is eliminated

finally, some small household products should be developed to meet a wider range of needs:

(5) more efforts in household packaging machines have an impact on their accuracy and test data: the author found that there are many household vacuum machines with small shape, practical function and simple operation in the market (see the figure below), which meet the needs of people's daily life: for example, preserving food Keep bedding, etc. Especially for the preservation of cotton and linen fabrics, vacuum greatly saves space, which is very popular with users. However, such products have not been paid special attention by many businesses, but they should be a good development direction

household vacuum packaging machine

the above are only some immature personal views. I hope to share them with you through simple analysis. Facing the complicated vacuum packaging machine market, both enterprises and consumers need a gradual and in-depth process. A small suggestion for purchase: users should not only distinguish the vacuum packaging machine from the model, but also pay attention to the following aspects: the sealing length of the packaging machine, the spacing between two rows, the maximum usable height of the vacuum chamber, the production efficiency of the whole machine, etc. I believe that this will definitely be able to choose a satisfactory device

source: Zhonghua printing and packaging

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