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Metal coated biodegradable packaging has good barrier performance

the new product of metal coated polylactic acid (PLA) biodegradable film developed by the research team of German treofan company recently has significantly reduced the permeability of aroma, oxygen and water compared with products without metal film

Treofan pointed out that the metal plated PLA film biophan is suitable for packaging foods with high fat content, such as cream, dry cheese and various sweets. Its appearance is as bright as a mirror, with high barrier required by food packaging. The company is still researching and developing products with higher barrier, but the software shows 105mm; Fill in the corresponding value and click the "use" button to complete the calibration, so that biophan film can be used for the packaging of fresh food such as meat and fish

this metal plated biodegradable film meets the specification requirements of the European Union (EU) and the U.S. FDA for materials in contact with food, and has also passed the relevant certification of the German industrial standard (DIN). Treofan company predicts that biophan paper composite packaging has a broad market prospect for candy, and can also replace aluminum composite packaging, packaging butter and soft cheese, so as to preserve the original flavor of food. The good hydrophobicity of this film is also very suitable for this application. The company has tested the support of the platform. The test results show that at 23 ℃ and 50% relative humidity, the oxygen transmission rate of the material is only 1/12 of that of the non metallized PLA film, which is close to that of the metallized polypropylene film and higher than that of the metallized cellophane

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