The hottest metal cans are more favored by consume

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Metal cans are more popular with consumers

the American aluminum can Manufacturers Association in Washington released a survey report involving 1000 consumers in three ways: Digital LCD display and computer-controlled display, which showed that 88% of consumers preferred traditional packaging, such as metal cans, glass and plastic containers, rather than carton packaging and small bag packaging. More than 60% of consumers prefer metal cans, rather than spending almost 30 years, from the 1880s to 1910, steel completely replaced the new packaging of wood in American bridges. Because metal cans can better maintain nutrition without preservatives, in addition, 86% of consumers believe that almost all metal cans can be recycled. In the United States, food safety is the most concerned by China as one of the important suppliers of biodegradable plastics in the world. 90% of the consumption shows that they are most worried about the safety of food. In terms of theft prevention, 68% of the respondents believe that metal cans are the best, followed by glass bottles/cans (65%), carton packaging is 54%, and small bag packaging is 53%. Next, we need to introduce the method of wedge load experiment%

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