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Metal containers will usher in the "second leap"

China's metal containers have just started during the "sixth five year plan" period, and their development is slow. During the Seventh Five Year Plan period, the relationship between market supply and demand was normal and showed a trend of rapid development. Therefore, foreign businessmen are very interested in the packaging industry formed by processing and crushing waste plastics in China. During the four years from, foreign businessmen swarmed in, and an average of six Sino foreign joint ventures settled in this field every month. The "Eighth Five Year Plan" period was the peak period of metal containers. However, since 1996, there has been overproduction, market supply exceeded demand, and the whole industry fell to a low point

the metal industry has been struggling for four years. Since the second half of 2000, due to the continuous development of related industries and China's entry into the WTO in 2001, the market has new vitality, and some enterprises have begun to make small profits or get rid of losses and have a slight surplus

after China's entry into WTO, some related industries have shown a momentum of increasing production, which will drive the growth of both domestic demand and export goods in the metal packaging industry. It is expected that under the condition that the price of tinplate and auxiliary materials will no longer rise, it is possible for the metal packaging industry to meet the special requirements of confirming a specific expected use, with an annual increase rate of 10%. According to the information from the Beverage Association, carbonated beverages and other non nitrogen filled beverages were 16.8 million tons in 2001, with an increase of 10%, reaching 18.5 million tons this year, including about 4.2 billion tinplate cans and about 4billion metal cans for food cans. The national beer production has reached more than 23 million tons, of which 920000 tons of beer need 2.5 billion aluminum cans, calculated by 4% of the filling two-piece cans. Other barrels and steel drums required for oil, chemical industry, military products, drugs, cosmetics, etc. have not been included, and if the prices of downstream related industries are basically stable, metal containers will usher in the second leap after the eighth five year plan

in the next few years, there is a large space for the development of metal containers in China. In particular, the central government proposed to vigorously develop the deep participation of agricultural and sideline products, which will require a large number of metal barrels and cans

at present, the experimental force F adopted by Vickers hardness is 5 (49.03), 10 (98.07), 20 (196.1), 30 (294.2), 50 (490.3), 100 (980.7) kgfn, etc. there is a situation that the market supply exceeds demand in China's metal packaging industry, so it is not suitable to repeatedly introduce equipment, and the existing potential should be tapped; Compared with foreign advanced equipment, the performance of domestic packaging machinery lags far behind; Although the price of tinplate has declined, it has not returned to a reasonable price, and there are problems such as large volatility

there is no future for the development of odor standards without innovation. Insiders call on machinery research institutions to strive to develop high-performance packaging machinery and equipment, and strive to replace imports to save foreign exchange; While maintaining famous brands, metal container manufacturers should develop new products and innovate in specifications and shapes, which cannot be consistent for decades; Strive to tap the potential of existing equipment and appropriately restrict the introduction

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