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Brief answer to relevant questions of waste plastic plasticization and granulation industry

1. Policy basis

Law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste

the State implements preferential policies for resource conservation and comprehensive utilization for environmental protection

notice on implementing the charging system for urban domestic waste treatment and promoting the industrialization of waste treatment

eight ministries and commissions jointly issued opinions on accelerating the development of environmental protection industry

the Ministry of finance Notice of the State Administration of Taxation on tax exemption for renewable business of waste materials

China has increased the annual recycling of renewable resources by 10 billion yuan in view of future demand changes

the Tenth Five Year Plan for renewable resources recycling of the State Economic and trade Commission

China hopes to establish a renewable resources recycling system

the tenth five year plan Renewable resources recycling is expected to develop rapidly during the period

the State Economic and Trade Commission proposed eight key tasks for resource conservation and comprehensive utilization in 2002

do a good job in renewable resources recycling and utilization promotion 14. Anchor bolt economic progress (7) International cooperation and exchange to accelerate the expansion of sustainable economic and social development

the State Economic and Trade Commission organized the implementation of the green action plan to support the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

2. How much does it cost to set up a granulation plant

to set up a waste plastic granulation processing plant, the main investment includes: 1. Equipment investment: dy equipment ranges from 12800 yuan to 78000 yuan, with a total of 33 specifications in four series (the difference lies in the monthly output, see the table below), which can be purchased according to their own financial ability. 2. The factory also needs to consider the impact of market sentiment on the market. Rent: please calculate according to the processing scale and local rent level. 3. Working capital: no less than 5000 yuan. 4. Labor wages and other unpredictable expenses

3. Where is the waste plastic granulation plant suitable for establishment

waste plastic granulation involves waste plastic classification, cleaning, granulation, raw material and product transportation, etc. Therefore, the first place to set up a factory should be a place with convenient transportation and complete water and electricity (or coal and gas). Specifically include: existing unused factories, factory areas, roadsides, rural courtyards, urban-rural fringe, urban fringe and rural idle land, etc. There are many alternative sites for waste plastic granulation plants

4. How large a factory is needed to set up a factory

the area of granulation plant can be large or small, generally not less than 50 square meters. A production line covers an area of about 20 square meters, and it also needs an area of no less than 30 square meters for stacking, cleaning and crushing waste plastic raw materials and granular products. If you buy dy120 or more production lines, or install several production lines at the same time, the plant area will be expanded accordingly

5. Is the equipment noisy

generally speaking, the operating noise control standard of mechanical equipment is 80 dB. After professional testing by the quality supervision and inspection station, the noise of SM series waste plastic granulator is dB, which fully conforms to Q/1-2007 standard, does not constitute noise pollution

6. Is there any pollution in the production process

the process of cleaning and crushing waste plastics may cause pollution. The cleaning and crushing machine provided by our factory can complete the cleaning and crushing work at the same time. Most of the dust attached to the surface of waste plastics comes from natural soil and does not constitute pollution. Especially dirty waste plastics should be cleaned manually first, and then cleaned and crushed by this machine, which can ensure the cleanliness of particles and obtain a higher sales price. The way to solve the waste water is to build a circulating water tank, and the precipitated water can be recycled, which also reduces the cost

7. How much energy does it cost to process a ton of particles

Dy series waste plastic granulation unit is the fourth generation product of waste plastic plasticizing granulation machine. It is equipped with advanced microcomputer automatic control system, which can set the temperature according to the melting point of various plastics. It has significant energy-saving effect. The power consumption of processing a ton of granulated plastic particles is about 200 degrees. Calculated at 1.0 yuan/degree, the power cost is about 200 yuan. Dy series coal (gas) used plastic granulator can also control the temperature according to the melting point of various plastics, which has a particularly significant energy-saving effect. It only costs about 100 yuan to process a ton of granulated plastic particles

8. What kind of plastic particles are qualified products

the variety of plastic waste is very complex, and it is difficult for the country to establish a unified quality standard. Therefore, so far, there are neither enterprise standards nor national and international standards for plastic particles. To be sure, as long as the waste plastic particles processed after classification, cleaning and crushing have their market value, there is no difference between qualified and unqualified. For example, the mud ash bucket is made of polychloride and polypropylene particles with high impurity content, plus a certain proportion of lime; The waste plastic manhole covers vigorously promoted by the state are also made of extremely poor quality particles plus fly ash. Therefore, no matter what quality of particles are not marketable, but their application range is different. If we strictly control the classification and cleaning of waste plastics, we can process plastic granule products with high quality and high price, and make more profits. (end)

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