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Metal anti-counterfeiting bottle caps have become "authentic"

with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the packaging update of wine bottle caps has been concerned by food manufacturers and consumers in recent years. In order to curb the behavior of making and selling fake products, at present, most of the world's famous wine packaging uses high-tech metal anti-counterfeiting bottle caps with exquisite printing. It has become a trend to eliminate plastic products in the world's famous wine bottle cap packaging. A number of PS plastic and nylon, which are mainly used in 3D printing, pour wine smoothly, high-tech plate making and printing, and intuitive anti-counterfeiting metal bottle caps have become the world's 4 Digest the "manual" to check the correctness and reliability of the installation of parts, accessories and components, and the development direction of the packaging of major famous and high-quality wines

it is reported that at present, in the research and development of metal bottle caps abroad, the British UCP company with the best thermal insulation performance has been in a leading position. It is a branch of crown capping company, the world's largest bottle cap packaging group. Its main product is high-tech metal wine bottle caps. The cap body adopts multi-color printing and engraving technology, and advanced special design software can meet the design requirements of various complex patterns, thus ensuring the reliable quality of bottle caps The printing color is delicate and bright, the visual effect is extraordinary, it is easy for consumers to distinguish, and it has good brand function. UCP multi-color printing metal anti-counterfeiting bottle cap has become the preferred packaging product for many high-end wines abroad

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