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Metal detectors help detect the "safety" of Guangdong college entrance examination for the first time

recently, Guangdong Province held a videoconference on the enrollment examination of ordinary colleges and universities. Song Hai, the vice governor of Guangdong Province, revealed at the meeting that metal detectors will be used in all test rooms of Guangdong college entrance examination hall this year to detect whether candidates carry and radio equipment

metal detectors are equipped in each test room

the entrance of the exam must be "security checked". According to the relevant person in charge of Guangdong Education Examination Institute, the testing time is arranged after the candidates enter the examination room and before entering the examination room. The place is at the door of the examination room, and the invigilator is responsible for the testing work. Before the examinee enters the examination room, the teacher will carefully detect everyone with a metal detector. Only when there is no abnormality can he enter the examination room. If a candidate brings illegal items into the examination room, the detector will sound an alarm. The detection objects of the detector are mainly and radio equipment. If candidates refuse to accept the test, they will not be allowed to take the exam

a new "security check" link has been added. Do candidates need to enter the examination room in advance? The relevant person in charge of the provincial education examination institute said that the test will not take too long, and candidates need not worry too much. At present, the recruitment department has not decided whether to advance the time of entering the examination room

the person in charge revealed that nearly 25000 test rooms were opened for the college entrance examination in Guangdong this year. Each test room is equipped with a detector, that is, 25000. The total investment of this equipment is about several million yuan. Previously, the metal detector was only used in the postgraduate entrance examination

the instrument is too sensitive, and the bra buckle also causes an alarm

it is the first time to use a metal detector in Guangdong. But outside the province, in recent years, Beijing, Shandong, Henan, Jiangsu, Liaoning, Hunan, Shaanxi, Sichuan and other provinces have successively adopted it. However, this instrument is very sensitive. The metal detector was also super sensitive in the security inspection process of the college entrance examination in Hubei Province last year. Not only headphones, watches, earrings, and dimes can't "break through", but even 3mm long glasses screws and girls' bra buttons can cause an alarm

some senior three girls are very worried about this, "now students basically wear glasses, and most of the bra buttons and steel brackets on girls' underwear are made of metal, and some students wear braces. Will these items trigger an alarm and cannot enter?"

it is understood that the experience of Hubei Province last year is that security personnel and students will undergo pre training before the examination, and they all know the precautions of security inspection. Even if there are oneortwo alarms during the security check, the candidates don't need to be nervous. As long as they explain clearly, once the temperature is too high, the teacher won't be deliberately embarrassed

Radio shielding is installed in some test sites in Guangzhou

after the national and provincial recruitment television work conference, the Guangzhou Branch will then fully deploy the recruitment work. Gong Erzhen, vice mayor of Guangzhou and director of the municipal enrollment and Examination Commission, said that Guangzhou has launched an identity recognition system in the college entrance examination halls since last year. On this basis, metal detectors will be equipped for each examination hall this year. In addition, radio shielding systems have also been installed in some examination centers such as Panyu

as for the role of installing metal detectors, the relevant person in charge of Guangzhou Enrollment Office said that this equipment can not only strictly prevent candidates from using and cheating on radio equipment, but also allow "big headed shrimp" candidates to take less "wronged road"

according to his introduction, although the Ministry of education has repeatedly forbidden college entrance examination candidates to bring them into the test room, in recent years, some candidates have finally been cancelled their college entrance examination results because they brought them into the test room. Most of them did not deliberately violate discipline and cheat, but because "big headed shrimp" forgot to take them off according to the thickness of the materials. Some candidates did not pay enough attention to their thoughts and took them to the clock at that time, taking it for granted that as long as they didn't hit it, they would be fine, It's a pity that these candidates were finally canceled

it was learned that there were no major violations of discipline and cheating in the college entrance examination in Guangdong Province last year, and there were no collective violations of discipline and cheating. However, it was required that the skeleton materials must have a certain rigidity. 54 candidates were investigated and dealt with for cheating, including 25 cheating, and the examination results of all subjects in the college entrance examination were cancelled; 29 people violated discipline and were canceled the examination results of relevant subjects of the college entrance examination. Most of the candidates who violate the discipline are those who enter the test room with a machine for producing ethylene propylene rubber from bio vinyl

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