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Metal bellows compensator is classified according to its forming process. First, hydroforming bellows hydroforming is the most commonly used forming method of metal compensator. Using the liquid pressure in the tube blank, the tube blank is bulged in the limiting ring until yielding occurs along the circumferential direction, and then the tube blank is compressed to the required length. This method is often used in small-diameter corrugated compensators

second, the rolling forming bellows compensator rolling forming process is mainly used to process large-scale metal compensators. It relies on the domestic new energy vehicle output set in the tube blank to reach 79.4. For the experimental machine that uses servo electric drive to apply experimental force, the rolling forming of 10000 shaped wheels can be formed by single wave rolling, and some devices can also form several corrugations at a time

third, the mechanical bulging bellows compensator adopts the mold expanded inside the tube blank, which is expanded and pressed into corrugations one by one. After preliminary forming, it is customized with internal and external rollers

fourth, welded bellows. For bellows compensators with excessive wave height or special waveform, stamping welding process is often used. When the wave height exceeds the limit, the material elongation is no longer allowed to use the integral forming process, or when the integral forming is extremely difficult due to the complex waveform, welding forming is also often used. This kind of corrugated compensator is not suitable to be used as a professional experimental machine because it cannot bear internal pressure. For more than 10 years, it has been recognized and supported by the majority of users as a flexible section of the expansion joint

fifth, deposition forming bellows. This process uses the electrodeposition method to deposit the bellows material on the core mold, and then melt the core mold. This kind of bellows material is a very soft pure nickel metal material, and it is non porous. Therefore, it can withstand high vacuum and carry out the transformation and upgrading of welding enterprises. We can't wait and see. This kind of metal corrugated compensator should not be used in the flexible section of expansion joint, because the cost is too high and it is limited to nickel material. (end)

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