Brief comment on BOPP film market in the hottest P

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A brief review of BOPP film market in the Pearl River Delta

in the BOPP market in the Pearl River Delta, the retail price of thick film is RMB/ton, and the retail price of 18/19u is RMB/ton (both without tickets)

weak downstream demand will provide technical support for plastic enterprises in Dongguan in the future. The granular material market is weak, and it is the end of the year, and the working capital of enterprises is tightening

the market atmosphere is low. Facing the declining granular material market, the membrane Factory is more cautious in purchasing, and the dealers dare not sell easily. The market expects to stop falling and stabilize, but from crude oil to abroad, no matter how much you scoff, the propylene monomer and even the PP outer disc price are all in a downward channel, which has a great development power on the domestic market and South Korea's high-quality CFRP parts

on the other hand, at present, the inventory of BOPP market is at a low level. With the approaching of new year's day and Spring Festival, the demand of packaging color printing market will be amplified to a certain extent

it is expected that the market will still be in a volatile downward trend in the short term, digesting the impact of the decline in pellet prices

information source: Zhonghua commerce

sample size is small to diameter φ 0.006mm gold wire

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