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Message management solution based on Mindy IP communication platform

your employees often have to face overloaded communication, and have to use a variety of communication devices to deal with voice mail, e-mail and fax messages. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that customers can often contact them, and they can quickly feed back customer problems

in addition, if you want to replace the existing traditional voice mailbox system, the new solution you need can not only fully implement the same functions as the old system, but also seamlessly add new functions with the development of the enterprise. Of course, this solution can also help you connect with the IP world

you should buy a message system that meets the current needs of the market with a wide range of product packages, and can add applications, functions and capacity in a cost-effective manner with the development of the enterprise. From basic voice mail to advanced unified messaging and collaborative applications, Mindy is ready to provide you with the functions you need

Mindy message solution:

improves productivity through simplified advanced communication

improve the ability of access and feedback by providing users with the control ability of how, when and to whom to connect

provide independent communication for mobile users and remote workers

provide operator level upgrade capability (more than 100k users) and reliable price

it is seamlessly integrated with the existing network infrastructure in addition to the known content, which is easy to manage and reduce costs

Kuang Heng software (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008. Its predecessor was radiance China branch, a telecommunications company covering the Asia Pacific region established by Singapore Telecom and Keppel group. The requirements for the control mode of single pair experimental machines in Post China are almost speed control, which was established as a separate entity company - Kuang Heng software (Beijing) Co., Ltd. At present, the company has 53 employees in China. The company is headquartered in Beijing and has set up three branches in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen to provide high-performance communication solutions for enterprise customers in China. It provides sales, consulting, installation, maintenance and hosting services for more than 10000 users of its proud communication solutions, including call center solutions, computer integration, voice mail and unified messaging system solutions, and interactive voice response systems. At the same time, Kuang Heng software is also a leader in the forefront of VOIP applications and speech recognition technology. Kuang Heng software has implemented a series of projects in China and successfully deployed many turnkey projects

the company has a stable financial situation, a stable management team, an efficient organizational structure and modern workflow. As a solution provider, it can not only provide advanced communication equipment in the industry, but also provide industry-leading development technical support for users and integrators

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