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MES makes up for the deficiencies in the production and processing process

Guide: most production and processing machines have achieved a high degree of automation Without it technology, complex machine tools and equipment are almost unimaginable However, many enterprises have many loopholes in the connection between production and processing machine tools and ERP system MES can make up for the deficiencies in the production and processing process

the more you observe the production process, the more you will find deficiencies in the application of IT technology. Today, almost all manufacturing enterprises use various ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. These systems provide enterprises with flexible production guarantee and accurate raw material demand and supply schedule. Today, most production and processing machines have achieved a high degree of automation. Without it technology, complex machine tool equipment is almost unimaginable

without it technology, complex machine tools and equipment are almost unimaginable

however, many enterprises have many loopholes in the connection between production and processing machine tools and ERP systems. Countless Excel spreadsheets, despite their poor effect and time-consuming and laborious production, have become the best plugging agent here. This is not a long-term solution to the problem. Unstable and unreliable data collection methods and the correlation with spreadsheet personnel cannot guarantee the appropriate solution of this patch

innovative production and processing enterprises began to introduce and use production data acquisition systems more than 30 years ago, with the purpose of making the manufacturing process transparent. It can be said that the collection of machine tool production data has a long history. In the middle and late 1990s, I testing machine adjusted at different levels. How to flexibly use IDS Scheer production planning software system launched by T technology enterprises in the field of production and manufacturing, and improve the application of IT technology in the field of production and manufacturing to a new level and level. As the highest level of application of this software system, the concept was formed in a few years after it was put on the market, that is, today's commonly referred to as manufacturing execution system (MES). In this system, it also includes some other functions related to production. Today, excellent MES solutions have the integrated function of successfully implementing all production tasks in almost all kinds of enterprise production environments. These functions range from machine tool equipment configuration and staffing, to reliable backup of traceability data information by using batch management function, to data collection in the production process

almost all famous MES manufacturers connect their MES solutions with ERP systems and machine tool levels. Although this kind of different production execution system has many differences in production practice, function integration and technology, there is one function in common: it makes up for the loopholes between ERP system and machine tool equipment

a few years ago, SAP company also entered this field and successfully launched SAP MII (manufacturingintegration Intelligence) integrated and intelligent manufacturing system in the market. This solution is developed by SAP in "The use of graphene in power cables may slightly increase the product cost on the surface. For insiders in the field of machine tools and production process data, it is only a matter of concept name. From a technical point of view, MII is the application of Java technology in the integrated integration and application platform sapnetweaver. From the perspective of MII function, there is a MES system supplier A very easy to understand expression is given: mii+bde =mes; BDE refers to Baolan data engine. When considering the conventional and generally recognized MES function range, MII is required to cover all aspects from personnel allocation plan to calculation of characteristic parameters to long-term classification and preservation of production process data. For example, the evaluation results of the key performance indicators (KPIs) of the MII system can be expressed in different graphical expressions

sap defines MII as an integrated and intelligent manufacturing system: a system with a comprehensive use environment and a series of application functions supported by integrated and intelligent production. Specifically, the following points: data services for data exchange between the system and users in the production process; Application services that affect the process control in the environment and the information exchange between production and sap; Visualization service of data service and application service on user interface. It is conceivable that the above services can be used meaningfully in the following two cases: the relatively simple production process can be directly integrated into the SAP system. For example, the output data related to the contract order can be directly reported to SAP system by the control system of machine tool equipment. Another application is to connect with the existing MES system to supplement the functions that MII integrated and intelligent manufacturing system does not have, such as the formulation of a thorough production plan

it can be said that MII system is a universal technical platform and a tool for production and manufacturing application software integration. On the other hand, it also raises the question: what new uses can new integration possibilities bring to MES system users and MES system suppliers? Leading MES system suppliers have invested a lot of money in the R & D and maintenance of the interface between their MES system and SAP system. Because the suppliers of MES system need to provide their users with high-performance and reliable production execution system, their annual R & D achievements must pass SAP certification; This not only costs a lot in technology, but also the capital cost is quite expensive. When the MES system supplier highlights the integration of MII integrated and intelligent production and manufacturing system, although all its MES functions can still be used in SAP without MII, the degree and scope of this use are unknown

the traditional MES system is also a world full of information. If users need to obtain information through MES system and ERP system, using MII is a very meaningful solution. In the so-called dashboard of MII integrated and intelligent production and manufacturing system, the information of the two systems can be displayed at the same time; For example, you can display the weekly contract order data of users, as well as the raw material demand in the production plan and the current supply status of the production site. The MES system provides accurate information related to the detailed production plan, such as the supply period related to the contract and the raw material demand related to the production capacity of machine tools and equipment, the confirmed production contract and OEE, including the production capacity coefficient of the bottleneck station

another application example is the visualization application of production process data. Only MII system can complete the task of data visualization of production process, but often because of the requirements of traceability, the data of production process is saved for a long time with the production contract as the index. In this way, the original data without any manual processing can be called out from the control system. This system can complete the detection of 100 checkpoints in 1 s, and the related control can reach 10. In this way, in the production of three shifts a day, nearly one million data are detected every day, and can be classified and saved according to the production process. MII integrated and intelligent manufacturing system can complete data collection and data visualization in a very short time; The MES system can get these raw data, and save them in a reliable memory for a long time according to the contract information and the required amount of data through system setting and data compression

industrie Informatik has been engaged in this field for more than 20 years, has accumulated rich experience and profound professional technical knowledge, and is a leading MES system supplier. The connection between the company's MES system cronetwork and SAP has also been certified. With the emergence of new processes and technologies, MII integrated and intelligent production and manufacturing system has also been tested, and the first pilot project has also been included in the plan

industrie Informatik not only has the ability to provide users with MES system solutions, but also has the ability to select the most appropriate process technology for its users. According to users' different requirements for comprehensiveness and functionality, although they lag a little, they can help users decide whether to pay royalties; Whether it is necessary to use MII integrated and intelligent production and manufacturing system; Is it the right solution. The higher the comprehensive requirements are, the more accurate judgments and decisions are needed. Using advanced MES system is a better choice than MII integrated and intelligent manufacturing system that requires separate programming. (Herbert Parnreiter)

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