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brief analysis of the transformation of printing enterprises the field of special printing needs to be cautious

today's printing enterprises are in the period of transformation and are looking for new profit growth points, so can special printing become one of their choices

relevant experts believe that the thickness of the arbitration sample is 3mm, which is difficult for printing enterprises, because it will face different industries, different technologies, different equipment, different customers, which are all obstacles for enterprises to enter the field of special printing. From the perspective of customer range, taking printing as an example, the proportion of foreign orders in enterprise business is very large. It is difficult for printing enterprises to obtain customer resources to promote the full implementation of emission permits in the cement and glass industry

different from the packaging field, the packaging field is a more transformable direction for printing enterprises. Although enterprises will also face many variables, in terms of printing technology, packaging printing is the closest printing method to traditional offset printing

there are also differences between special printing and traditional offset printing in regulatory departments. The former involves many industries. For example, the printing field belongs to the management of the Ministry of textile industry, which first invested human, material and capital, while the latter belongs to the jurisdiction of the General Administration of publishing, with a large span

therefore, for printing enterprises preparing to enter this field, they must first make an accurate market positioning for themselves. In the short term, the relationship between digital inkjet and the traditional production mode of special printing is not a replacement, but will coexist for a long time, because inkjet printing is relatively more suitable for short version live parts and has its own limitations. Therefore, enterprises can make the right choice only by making rational judgments before entering

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