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Introduction to digital precision measurement technology

digital precision measurement technology is one of the key technologies in digital manufacturing technology. The development trend of precision measurement technology is to develop sub micron and nano scale high-precision measurement instruments, improve environmental adaptability, enhance robustness, make precision measurement equipment enter the production site, integrate it into machining machines and manufacturing systems, and form an advanced digital closed-loop manufacturing system

FaroArm series portable coordinate measuring arm of Faro technology company of the United States realizes the perfect combination of measuring arm and laser scanning head for the first time in the industry, and realizes non-contact rapid scanning and contact measurement under the same coordinate system. Features: non-contact flexible and fast scanning, obtain point cloud data of curves and surfaces, and the point cloud has no layering; Contact measurement, grasp the accuracy of key feature size and contour; Non contact and contact measurement are perfectly combined in the same coordinate system, and there is no layering in scanning; The scanning head, measuring arm and measuring software are both products of Faro company. The technology is fully shared and the service is more convenient. In practical application, it can greatly shorten the design, production and manufacturing cycle for customers and reduce costs. Quality control can be completed internally. The automatically generated report is suitable for network applications, thus improving the communication between production functional departments and actual different locations; The accuracy is improved. When doing product inspection, users usually define the surface through 5 to 10 points, so that users can inspect the surface quality defined by tens of thousands of point clouds; Automatic SPC can perform automatic statistical process control on multiple samples. Replace the steel core often used in plastic steel doors and windows

CIMCORE company of the United States launched a joint arm measuring machine equipped with an advanced laser scanning measurement system. The material is carbon fiber, and the infinite series also has the function of wireless communication. When used in reverse engineering, not only the measurement speed is fast, but also the real-time display of the measurement process and the seamless splicing of missing measurement data can be realized. The instrument can be used for coordinate measurement, three-dimensional modeling, product mapping, reverse engineering, on-site measurement, mold design and manufacturing, involving design, manufacturing, process testing, testing and final product testing

the scan series of Swiss TESA company uses two linear array CCD components to project and scan the workpiece through the rotation and axial movement of the workpiece, which can realize the accurate detection of the position error and shape error of axial parts, the evaluation and comparison of the section shape and profile, and the statistical quality analysis, as well as the amplification measurement of parts (such as transition curves, micro grooves, etc.). From 2013 to 2015, Dr. wuqingguo, the general manager of the company, and the R & D personnel carried out the precise measurement of the full parameter accuracy of the National 863 plan energy storage project

German Schneider WMM series shaft and tool measuring instrument has simple operation and high measurement speed, which is especially suitable for workshop inspection stations. The instrument adopts a high-resolution matrix camera, which can quickly obtain measurement data. The digital display resolution of the instrument is 0.0001mm, and the length measurement uncertainty is e2= (2.0 l/200) Kingfa automotive material 1 is directly based on customer needs and market development trends

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