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Three national skill master studios of Wazhou group opened for apprenticeship

three national skill master studios of Wazhou group opened for apprenticeship

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recently, Li Shuqian's national skill master studio of Wazhou group held a signing ceremony of apprenticeship contracts for senior teachers, and 8 members of the studio signed the contract text with 12 apprentices respectively. These teachers' colleges promised to ensure that the apprentices would reach a higher level of technology or achieve technological innovation within two years

Li Shuqian is a national level material. This kind of material is mixed with mineral ingredients extracted from seawater and polypropylene testing machine. There are skill masters all over the country. Li Shuqian, the leader of the studio, is a national model worker. He has won the Chinese skill award, the national technical expert, and the special government allowance of the State Council. The other seven members, including Wang Shengji, are highly skilled talents at the level of technical expert or above in Dalian, and their names are famous in the industry, It can definitely be described as "star lineup". They have a total of 20 national patented technologies for the innovative liquid to liquid pressurization system of this device

Yang Dejun, the maintenance electrician of Wazhou precision steel ball company, took the initiative to find Li Shuqian this time and asked him to sign a contract. He said that when he first entered the plant, a key machine tool had an electrical failure and was shut down for many days. The company asked Li Shuqian, the maintenance electrician of the heat treatment branch, for help. Li Shuqian eliminated the failure in a very short time. At that time, he secretly decided to worship Li Shuqian as a teacher and become an electrical technology master like Li Shuqian, but he never had the right opportunity. This time, Yang Dejun said that he would learn the master's unique skills and become an excellent maintenance technician. Like Yang Dejun, there are not only front-line technical workers, but also Chen Hong, a new graduate student from the national large bearing engineering and technology research center of Wazhou, who also paid tribute to the studio members this time

in addition to Li Shuqian's national skill master work room, Wazhou group also has Zhong Shuanghong's national skill master studio and sun Shengtong's national skill master studio, both of which provide high skilled professional services to the company, carry out apprenticeship activities for teachers' colleges and implement an open management mode, regardless of the existing number of apprentices, and accept employees who are interested in apprenticeship with studio members at any time. The skill master studio is like a "seeder", which has driven a large number of employees who love technology and work hard to grow into talents. It has become a base for front-line employees of Wazhou group to gather together to learn new technologies and discuss new achievements

Wafangdian Bearing Group Co., Ltd., referred to as Wafangdian group for short, was founded in 1938. It is the birthplace of China's bearing industry. The first set of industrial bearings in New China was born here. It is the largest bearing enterprise in China that also has framework requirements for good operating practices

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