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On the 19th, the elevator workshop of Jiangsu Juli Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Juli machinery") was busy. The workers were producing and transferring raw materials. Everyone worked in an orderly manner. It turns out that this is another measure to introduce lean management into Juli machinery in 2019

the original raw materials are scattered in various areas of the workshop and look very messy. In the workshop of more than 14000 square meters, there are many production lines, and workers sometimes need to run back and forth, wasting a lot of time. "The predictable effect of the lean transformation of the workshop is very considerable, such as the advantages of shortening the production cycle, reducing inventory, improving staff efficiency, and more comprehensive quality control." Wang Yulin, general manager of Juli machinery escalator business department, is doing the "commander in chief" in the workshop with the prepared drawings

the lean transformation of the workshop is mainly through the readjustment of 12 areas such as laser bending sheet area, section steel rolling area and general punching area, and the original mixed flow is designed as production line flow. The whole transformation is expected to be completed by the middle of March. After the lean transformation, the material flow distance of the workshop can be increased by about 38%, the space area can be compressed by about 14%, the process cycle can be shortened by about 25%, and the annual production capacity of the whole workshop will be increased from 210 million yuan to 220 million yuan The force is also very large, 600million yuan. "After the transformation is completed, we will appropriately introduce intelligent equipment to further optimize the production line flow and connect the time nodes more closely." Wang Yulin said

Juli machinery was founded in 1998. As a well-known enterprise specializing in the production of escalator parts in China, Juli machinery always adheres to the independent research and development and production of the industry, provides supporting services for customers in the global escalator industry, and strives to be the leader of the industry. While developing and expanding the production of escalator components, the enterprise complies with the needs of social development, focuses on product extension and brand building, and continues to implement lean production management. In 2018, the enterprise achieved sales of 770 million yuan

according to Wang Yulin, in 2018, Juli machinery achieved good results in cost reduction. Enterprises have improved their competitiveness by promoting lean production management, which has also become a major secret for Juli machinery to maintain sales growth of more than 30% under the increasing downward pressure of the economy. In addition, the enterprise also accelerated the intelligent transformation, made great efforts to improve the internal strength of the enterprise, and further improved the comprehensive production capacity. In 2018, Juli machinery introduced intelligent equipment such as welding robots, with a total investment of more than 10 million yuan to promote process innovation and quality improvement. At the same time, the enterprise also cooperates with many schools in Suzhou and adopts the tutorial system model. The backbone of the enterprise pairs with college students one by one to train them to enter core technical positions as soon as possible

"at present, the five branches of the enterprise have carried out the decomposition of KPI indicators, and the sales of 1billion yuan will be the main tone of the enterprise in 2019." Wang Yulin said that in 2019, Juli machinery will focus on breakthroughs in key projects and products, improve production capacity and product quality, and continue to form new profit growth points in accordance with the business objectives set at the beginning of the year, that is, 2017 (2) and 2018, which will maintain a tight balance. At the same time, through continuous innovation, China is still in the stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization, and internationalization in-depth development, reform, scientific management and control, tap potential and reduce consumption, Effectively improve the operating efficiency and quality of the company, and achieve the goal of annual sales of 1billion yuan

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