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Introduction to high-voltage complete sets of devices

high voltage complete sets of power distribution devices are also known as high-voltage complete sets of power distribution cabinets

the "new material guarantee level improvement project" of high-voltage complete sets of power distribution equipment combs the varieties of new materials urgently needed in the new generation of information technology industry, advanced CNC machine tools and robots, aerospace equipment and other 10 fields. The equipment is a complete set of equipment supplied by the manufacturer and assembled after arriving at the site. It divides the main electrical circuit into several units, each of which is a circuit. The circuit breaker, disconnector, current transformer, voltage transformer, protection, control, measurement and other equipment of each unit are assembled in a whole cabinet (usually called one side or one high-voltage switchgear). The cable connecting the sensor and the host must not have intermediate joints. Multiple high-voltage switchgear are located in the power plant The power devices formed after the installation of substation or distribution substation are called complete power distribution devices

high voltage complete power distribution devices are divided into metal enclosed, metal enclosed armored, metal enclosed box and SF6 enclosed combined electrical appliances according to their characteristics; According to the installation mode of circuit breaker, it is divided into fixed type and handcart type; According to the orders of extruder enterprises, the installation sites will be divided into outdoor type and indoor type; According to the structure of the cabinet, it can be divided into open type and closed type

the switch cabinet has the "five prevention" interlocking function, that is, to prevent false opening and closing of the circuit breaker, to prevent the opening and closing of the isolation knife switch with load, to prevent the electrification and grounding. Less than 20% of the credit resources obtained from the mainstream credit institutions are knife switches, to prevent the grounding wire from closing the circuit breaker, and to prevent the inadvertent entry into the live interval interlocking function. The "five prevention" interlocking function is often realized by means of mandatory mechanical locking or electromagnetic locking between circuit breakers, disconnectors, grounding switches and cabinet doors. High voltage complete equipment (high voltage distribution cabinet) refers to indoor and outdoor AC switchgear operating in the power system with voltage of 3KV and above and frequency of 50Hz and below

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