From the brightest candle to the light of wisdom,

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From candle firefly to light of wisdom, where will xinnuofei go in the next ten years

the rise of intelligence has not only evolved the application of electronic products such as, but also led to the innovation of the lighting industry. Lighting has stepped from traditional lighting based on tungsten filament lamps and gas discharge lamps to LED lighting based on semiconductor devices, just in time to meet the era of mobile Internet leaping into IOT of Internet of things. The combination of the two produces infinite beautiful reverie and innovation, creating a promising era based on IOT for lighting people

according to the LED Research Institute of high industry and Technology (GGII), with the development of technology, the maturity of products, the active promotion of manufacturers, and the popularization of concepts related to smart lighting in 2017, China's smart covers basic research and utilization. The research lighting market has entered a high-speed development stage, with a market size of nearly 26.4 billion yuan and an annual growth rate of 80%. GGII predicts that the domestic LED intelligent lighting market will grow 46.6% year-on-year in 2018, reaching 38.7 billion yuan. In the next few years, the domestic LED intelligent lighting market will maintain rapid growth, and the scale of China's intelligent lighting will reach 83 billion yuan in 2020

has always been an important role in this field. It is reported that the company currently has 32000 employees, serving 70 countries and regions around the world. In 2017, xinnuofei achieved sales of 7billion euros, and 34million intelligent Internet lighting products have been put into use

from traditional light sources to smart IOT, xinnuofei has been bathed in the halo in the many changes in the lighting industry. In 1891, the company was founded in the name of Philips, which was the first to launch large-scale commercial bulbs, laying the offensive posture of the traditional lighting industry; In 2008, it launched the first commercial led replacement light source, planting important seeds of energy-saving lighting; In recent years, with the sudden rise of smart lighting, xinnuofei's new products such as roads and home intelligent lighting systems have declared their sovereignty in this field

at present, xinnuofei has made a difference in home lighting, landscape lighting and other subdivisions. First, we launched new products such as lipshow personalized intelligent lighting system, and gradually changed the business model from selling lighting products by piece through traditional trade channels to undertaking lighting projects through service forms, continuously injecting fresh ideas and business methods into products and channels

with the rise of domestic lighting forms, xinnuofei has also taken China as an important goal and rooted its layout. It has not only established a wide range of sales channels and networks to serve China's professional and consumer lighting market, but also completed the lighting renovation project of the world's historic buildings on the Bund of Shanghai. In the future, the company will take more measures here

now, xinnuofei, who has stood on the intelligent lighting vent, how to go in the next decade? At the "2018 senior engineering led 10th anniversary annual meeting" held on December, Chen Chen, senior industry manager of xinnuofei's end customer market in Greater China, will deliver a keynote speech titled "using innovation to guide the experimental results can automatically save the next decade leading the lighting industry" - the next decade has taken two pump source years to continue innovation

what new products will xinnuofei use to support the continuous innovation? Where will the market direction be locked? More content and dry goods will be wonderful at the 10th anniversary of 2018 senior engineering led annual meeting. Shandong Dongyue fluorosilicone material industrial park is such a park. Please look forward to it

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