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From the perspective of "poly robot", why is made in China frequently hacked?

made in China is once again branded as a fake. At the 2017 Abu Dhabi International Defense Exhibition, British media reported that poly robot was suspected of copying the products of American endeavour robot company. This report will push poly robot manufacturer Changyuan power (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Changyuan power) to the forefront

seek justice for made in China

the British media quoted an insider of endeavour robotics in the United States as saying that Poly Group's xbot 520 copied the company's 510 Packbot shape specifications. Different from the Chinese enterprises that have endured silence in the past, Changyuan power gave a high-profile and powerful response to this, announced the evidence of independent research and development, and prosecuted the media. A spokesman for Changyuan power said: Changyuan power does not make imitations, nor does it reject fake hats

the foundation of Changyuan power comes from that it is a completely independent and innovative high-tech enterprise, which is truly made in China. This robot of Changyuan power has domestic patents in terms of core components, control system, internal structure, etc., which can fully withstand the verification of regulatory authorities, and its comprehensive performance is superior to similar products in the United States

shopping malls are like battlefields. Although Changyuan power is only a small private military enterprise established for more than ten years, it has repeatedly defeated endeavour in international markets such as the Middle East and Africa. For example, in 2014, the same explosive ordnance disposal robot of the two companies bid for 270 orders in the Iraqi market. Because endeavour robot company of the United States did not provide product warranty and aftercare services, it lost to poly robot in that bid. Next, the two companies will compete for orders in Turkey in April. The British media questioned Changyuan power this time. It is hard not to think that this is an out of the box move made by American endeavor before the next bidding of the two companies

Changyuan power also showed strong determination to safeguard rights. According to public reports, the company has commissioned a law firm in Hong Kong to sue the British media, ask for an apology and bear the law on the adverse impact. Most international intellectual property lawsuits are protracted and costly. Small private enterprises, such as Changyuan power, whose annual order sales are only more than 30 million yuan, are likely to have been wiped out by lawsuits for many years before the lawsuit is over. The head of Changyuan power told the media that it is very difficult for Chinese enterprises to sue the British media for an apology. Knowing that they can't do it is because they not only want to get an innocence for themselves, but also want to get a justice for made in China, "Wei Hua, general manager of Nanjing hongbaoli new materials Co., Ltd., said to him

It is an indisputable fact that made in China is not equal to fake made in China. The reason is that some Chinese enterprises do not pay attention to intellectual property rights, but the most critical thing is that the United States and other developed countries have always been the makers and referees of international rules, as well as athletes and referees. Analysis of a Chinese scholar who has long studied national intellectual property disputes

from the perspective of communication, when Chinese enterprises suspected of Shanzhai fell silent, most innocent enterprises and regulatory authorities also remained silent. Over time, the spiral effect of silence became more and more obvious, and the noise that made in China is equivalent to Shanzhai overshadowed everything

in fact, it is an obvious false proposition that made in China is equivalent to Shanzhai. Just like China's high-speed rail technology and Huawei's communication technology, they are leaders in the global market. Although Changyuan power is only a small private enterprise, its products are purchased by the Snow Leopard Commando of the state-owned special forces in China and exported to the Middle East, Africa and other military markets abroad. At this time, it can turn off the alarm switch. After more than ten years of updating and iteration, its core technology has also been recognized by the Ministry of public security

today's international economic pattern is undergoing great changes. China is not only the second largest country in the world economy, but also implementing the international strategy of the the Belt and Road. One of the focuses of this strategy is the implementation of the major plan "made in China 2025" and the export of China's manufacturing industry on this basis. In this new situation, China needs to break the original pattern of international public opinion, break the binding relationship between made in China and copycat abuse, and let more enterprises such as Changyuan power have the ability to fight with each other in the end to inspect whether there are cracks in the sample

the national level should give full support

the so-called reason and boldness, on the one hand, comes from the courage of Changyuan power to defend its rights, on the other hand, it needs the firm support of relevant national departments. The person in charge of Changyuan power said that from the technical level and order situation of Changyuan power, Changyuan power is not afraid of the market elements in the international military market. What it is afraid of is the political intervention behind the black hand of public opinion

as a military expert said, under the strategy of returning to Asia, the United States not only curbs China in geopolitics and military power, but also curbs Chinese enterprises in the international military industry market, and widely intervenes in the export of advanced weapons products and military technology from developed countries to China. At present, the United States is mainly curbing the development of China's large state-owned military enterprises. If our small private enterprises with innovative vitality rise in the world military industry market, it is difficult for the United States to accept. The plight of Changyuan power in international competition is, to a certain extent, the common dilemma of made in China going out and moving towards the the Belt and Road

in the competition pattern of the international military industrial technology electronic universal experimental machine highly controlled by developed countries, which is a new generation of dual space microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine specially designed for colleges and universities and scientific research institutes, Changyuan power has broken through the siege through more than a decade of innovation, and encountered the Siege of the complex international political and economic situation after entering the international market. Such a dilemma once again reflects the deep-seated reasons why made in China is frequently hacked internationally. It is not difficult to see from this that to change the current passive situation of made in China, it is far from enough to rely on Changyuan power to resolutely safeguard rights, but also needs the full help from the national level

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