From September 1, food packaging paper must obtain

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From September 1, food packaging paper must be certified by QS to ensure import safety

consumers should buy reassuring food in the future. In addition to whether there is a QS mark on the packaging, they can also see whether the paper packaging of ice cream packaging paper, tea bag packaging paper, which directly wraps food, and the baking paper of cookies, which directly contacts food, have also obtained QS certification. Yesterday, I learned from Guangzhou Bureau of quality supervision that in more than two months, these food paper packaging and food paper containers must be QS certified before they can be produced, sold and used. Only by ensuring that the outer packaging or container of food is also safe can the safety of imported food be completely guaranteed

the food paper containers listed in the first batch of catalogue include paper bags, paper cans, paper cups, paper tableware, cartons, etc. commonly used by citizens, while the food paper packaging includes cellophane, food packaging paper, food packaging paperboard, etc., which almost covers all packaging materials in direct contact with food at ordinary times

such as instant noodle paper bowls, hamburgers, sandwiches and other cooked food packaging paper, cookie baking paper, candy, cold fruit, traditional Chinese medicine pills and other packaging paper, Pu'er tea cake packaging paper, tea bag packaging paper, Sydney, orange and other fruit packaging paper, wax paper for all kinds of food packaging, packaging paper for canned noodles, ice cream packaging paper, etc., are all within the scope of QS management

I visited many supermarkets in Guangzhou yesterday and found that disposable paper cups and paper tableware have basically obtained QS certification, but paper fast food boxes, the paper containers with the largest daily consumption of food, are rarely printed with QS, and the vast majority of fast food boxes are still more environmentally-friendly plastic products

in fact, as early as two years ago, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China had made it clear that these two types of products were included in QS management. Now, the transition period of more than two years' introduction to the calibration steps of metallographic microscope is coming to an end. According to the regulations on the administration of production licenses for industrial products, the QS management of food paper packaging and food paper containers has officially entered the period of investigation and punishment since September 1 this year. Production enterprises that have not obtained QS shall be banned according to law. In the future, when consumers buy food, they should not only pay attention to whether the food package is printed with QS logo, but also pay attention to whether the paper package or paper container of the food is printed with QS logo, so as to ensure safe eating

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